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More perfect union speech - Essay Example

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Obama’s speech underscored the issue of race resentments between the different racial groups in the country. Despite the end of…
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More perfect union speech
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Download file to see previous pages The problem was first caused by the white race subgroup in the United States as against other racial subgroups, especially the African-American subgroup. No matter what side it is, having and spreading resentments does not help alleviate conflicts and sharp differences.
Anger and resentment does not solve any problem. In fact, sentiments and notions of anger and resentment add more fuel for problems to escalate. Anger and resentment only encourage animosity and division among people and groups. Conflicts arise when anger gets in the way of better judgment, and clouds rationality and logic. The world is already rife with too many prejudicial tendencies by groups that espouse ambivalent notions. Even religious leaders are guilty of preaching such messages, basing their sermons and teachings on personal beliefs and experiences.
In relation to that part of his speech, Obama quoted William Faulkner by saying that, “the past isnt dead and buried. In fact, it isnt even past". What Obama is trying to say is that issues of the past regarding race relations are still ongoing, and have never been put to rest. This was especially visible and expected during Obama’s campaign for presidency, in which the likeliness of him winning the post was unexpected. Take into consideration the fact that all the United States presidents before Obama were Caucasians. This implies that American society still considers race as a factor and issue in national decisions.
That being the case, the question that arises is whether a trans-racial society is possible and desirable in the United States. It is possible for such a society to exist, but only if the people learn and are educated to see society and state beyond the differences of race. There needs to be a change in cultural awareness, which plays a significant role in social activities. Differences in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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More Perfect Union Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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