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The powerful books ‘The Country under My Skin’ by Giaconda Belli and ‘How We Smiled at Communism and Even Laughed’ by Slavenka Darkulic seem to converge at one point: Political Liberation which should free their respective countries. While the authors of books have…
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World History Since 1945
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Download file to see previous pages The writers advocate for total relook into the various governmental systems which are both embedded in totalitarianism and aloof to the social realities of ordinary masses. Thus, both books are radical and transformative in scope. The books cry out for change which is aimed at the social and economic lives of the people.
Smith (2010) reckons that Belli’s ‘The Country under My Skin’ is a powerful memoir entailing both love and war. The Nicaraguan, Giaconda Belli, presents quite powerfully, her eye-openness to social realities facing the people of Nicaragua as well as her association with the Sandinistas using the rider of love and war to expose totalitarianism. In the book, she categorically illuminates on her present life with her American husband as well as children and seemingly compares this to Nicaragua with a passionate appeal. It is at the time when the poet meets Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos in the year 1978 that she sets out the book; The Country under My Skin.
Gicoonda Belli describes political battles of emancipation that the country of Nicaragua went through since the years 1970s. She brings it out quite powerfully using her personal experiences especially with the authorities at that time and irrationalities around the country that were transformational (Smith 2010). She thus brings out a powerful juxtaposition in her quality writing exploring in details her adventure while working in the field of advertisement and later getting involved in politics.
Saten (2010) observes that her poem creates a vantage entry point into the Sandinista Guerilla Movement from quite a young age. This involvement makes her transition into the unknown away from the comfort zone and the social as well as political security that she was always involved in and it is at this point that she brings out the spirit of activism in her (Staten 97). Using these experiences she exposes government indifferences to the plight of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World History Since 1945 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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