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2.The 1945 election put democratic-collectivist tatisme into the saddle (D. Marquand). Is this a fair assessment of what the 1945-51 Attlee governments stood for - Essay Example

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The 1945 general election gave Clement Attlee and the Labour Party a crushing majority, a landslide majority of 146 seats (Woodward, _) The Clement administration was of mass radicalism ideology that stemmed from the World War II. Gt gave the Labour Party its first majority…
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2.The 1945 election put democratic-collectivist tatisme into the saddle (D. Marquand). Is this a fair assessment of what the 1945-51 Attlee governments stood for
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Extract of sample "2.The 1945 election put democratic-collectivist tatisme into the saddle (D. Marquand). Is this a fair assessment of what the 1945-51 Attlee governments stood for"

Download file to see previous pages 12), a slogan made to advertise the party’s intentions. The social change that made them prepare for the future included establishing the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain. The Labour Party liked to see itself as the party of Commonwealth (Fielding, 2004). This manifesto proved very attractive to a nation that was upset due to war and was looking forward to meaningful social and administrative changes. The measures taken by Attlee’s administration regarding food rationing deserve praise (Chick, 2002). The prime minster had pressure to radically reconsider Britain’s military commitments because of financial and economic difficulties (Heinlein, 2002). He was even forced to slow the demobilization (Ovendale, 1994).
The party’s manifesto gave the nation hope. Attlee’s administration was offering the nation something new that made them believe that the pre-war poverty and atrocities wont return. They offered the nation a whole new way of living (Francis, 1997). David Marquand, a well-known critique of Britains social and political atmosphere and history, quotes in his book about Attlee’s first Chancellor of Exchequer, Hugh Dalton promising the nation about building a new society and having power to do it.
Marquand’s claim bear a lot of truth to it. Since 1918 the British society has gone through many social and political changes. The Labour Partys victory in the 1945 elections surround the debate about democratic collectivist statism. One needs to understand what collectivism means. In Latin it means to gather together. It is an ideology that encourages societies to think on collective bases and not on individual needs.
It states that collective human behaviour is morally much stronger than individual actions. It is because it takes care of all human beings with the premise that individual actions should not benefit the individuals. They should be intended to serve the community. The collectivist also believe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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