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The writer of this paper states that Denver is the capital city of Colorado State in America. This is one of the fast-growing metropolitan cities. This city is located in the South Platte River valley on the western edge of high hills at an altitude about the one-mile height from sea level…
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Some Facts about Denver City
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On researching the ecological and agricultural characteristics in the Denver area it is found that the particular climatic condition experiencing there is between desert climate and humid climate. Hence the climatic condition prevailing there is considered a mild evapotranspiration climate. Since this city is at high altitude this peculiar climatic condition provides the quality of the Mediterranean weather such as dry summer and wetter winter.

It is considered that the city has 79 official neighborhoods. Hence the residents of this metropolitan area are mainly the neighborhood communities. The features of these neighborhoods vary each other and they include large skyscrapers, twentieth-century houses, and modern styled twenty-first-century buildings. The neighborhoods which are closer to the Denver city comprises of denser buildings which are old styled. The developments of the neighborhoods which are not closer to the concerned city had taken place immediately after the Second World War. The buildings at these areas were constructed with modern materials and hence they appeared in high style. Still, farther neighborhoods were with suburban characteristics and the people in that area could be recognized by means of their features. Majority of the neighborhoods have parks and other modern facilities and these are considered as the key peculiarities of these neighborhoods. The important neighborhoods of Denver city are Lower Down Town, Union Station Neighborhood, Washington Park, Capitol Hill, Highland Cherry, etc. All these neighborhoods have very important roles in the metropolitan developments of the Denver city.
Parks are the main peculiarities of the Denver city. As per the survey conducted in 2006, this metropolitan city has more than 200 parks in its credit which vary from mini-parks to giant ones. All these parks are with beautiful landscape architects. Since the Denver city is situated at high altitude there is no scarcity for mountain parks. About 14000 acres of mountain area are utilized to develop mountain parks for the Denver city. Some of the important mountain parks are Red Rock parks, Red Rock Amphitheatre, Bluff Lake Nature Center and Winter Park Resort. All these parks are important entertainment centers for both visitors and residents. In addition to these parks, the Denver city has 29 recreation centers and these are mainly for the recreation and relaxation of the people residing in that urban area. All these luxurious categories in the city are created by the proper employment of environmental facilities which are available in plenty. These environmental facilities are really the boon of nature. All these conveniences have made the Denver city as the provider of royal metropolitan life.

The process of transportation all over the Denver metropolitan area has undertaken by an authority called Regional Transport District (RTD). The main transportation means are buses. In Denver city, about 1000 buses operate their services to various locations in the metropolitan area for the transportation of residents. The buses provide remarkable services in connecting 10,000 bus stops within 38 municipal jurisdictions. The high expansion in view to develop transportation in the area completed in the year 2006, on Nov 17th. Apart from this, the RTD has arranged five light rail lines which have been covering a distance of 56 km. in the Denver city. There are 36 stations in between these 56 km. For the development of these light rail traffic, a project was approved in 2004. But this project is not fully implemented due to fund problems. Even then this has helped the neighboring suburban cities and communities with reliable transportation services. The union station redevelopment in the city is underway and if this is completed successfully the Denver union station will be transformed into a regional transportation center where buses, light rails, and passenger rails develop coordination.

These are facilities for passengers who get down at Denver Union Station from other trains to use the light rail system in order to view the whole city. If the Fast track project is completed, the Denver station will be the main junction from where trains to other locations in the metropolitan area are provided. There is a model railroad club at Denver Union station which provides the passengers the unforgettable experience of railroading system in the 1950s. The Denver societies open the display of railroads on last Friday of every month and this entertainment is not allowed in the summer season. This enables the visitors to have knowledge of how the Denver Railroad systems were in the 1950s. The club also arranges sightseeing tours and educational events in view to encourage the visitors.

Air traffic is the other reliable transportation system in Denver city. Denver international airport plays a major role. This airport provides services to residents around the Denver city. The location of this airport is about 30km east northeast of the Denver city. The Denver International Airport is considered as the tenth biggest airport in the world and the fourth biggest in the United States. The area of this airport is 53 square miles and hence by land area, this is the largest airport in the United States. The Denver International Airport is not only the headquarters for the frontier airlines but also the major base for united airlines. Nowadays this is the fastest developing airbase for Southwest airlines. Generally, the Denver metropolitan area is under the influence of three major airports. They are Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Centennial airport, and Front Range Airport. In this way, mass transportation is highly progressive in the Denver city. Read More
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(Some Facts about Denver City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2)
Some Facts about Denver City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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