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What Does Denver Needs to Do about the Homeless - Assignment Example

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In the essay “What Does Denver Needs to Do about the Homeless?” the author discusses homelessness as a terrible scourge. It is very sad to see so many people suffering on the streets. The truth is that many of these people have mental problems and are not receiving the help that they need…
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What Does Denver Needs to Do about the Homeless
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Extract of sample "What Does Denver Needs to Do about the Homeless"

The Occupy movement has been a parade of fools so far. This is very unfortunate because there are social problems out there that require solving. Sadly, the Occupy movement has manipulated the homeless and used them as a rallying point. We need to take back our own public spaces from these people and we need to treat the homeless who truly need our help with real dignity and respect, and not use them as some sort of political pawn, as the Occupy organizers have been doing. Homeless people deserve to have a home and receive treatment. We need to ensure that this happens and they are not abused by those who would use them solely for political purposes. It is important for citizens like us to take a stand for those who are most vulnerable and who no one else can help.
Denver is a beautiful city with great potential. It is sad to see so much political energy being expended about homelessness which is only one of several issues facing the city. The people of Denver need to speak to their local representatives about these issues. We need to be very concerned about what happens in our public spaces. A downtown is a place for everyone. It is a place for families to enjoy themselves and for tourists to bustle about. It is not a place for constant political noisemaking and abuse. The citizens of Denver need to speak with one voice on this matter. Occupy and its shenanigans are not acceptable and we will stand up these criminals and clear the streets of their garbage if necessary.
We all share this wonderful city. No one group or idea owns the city and can take control of our public spaces.  Read More
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What Does Denver Needs to Do about the Homeless Assignment - 18.
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