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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780 - Essay Example

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One of the longest-lasting and most significant impacts of the industrial revolution that took place from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century was the mass migration of the populace from rural areas to cities in what has come to be known as urbanization…
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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780
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"The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780"

Download file to see previous pages Before the industrial revolution took force in England, most of the population lived in rural areas. In fact, over the course of the nineteenth century the population rate of towns would grow from 16% to 54% (Roberts, 348). Up until this time the government's response to civil services in cities was based on the laissez-faire concept of leaving people to their own devices. Because most citizens lived in agricultural areas such necessities as transportation, water and sanitation were not deemed necessary concerns for government interference. The sudden and overwhelming influx of the populace into tight, centralized location forced the government to reconsider this method of governance. With the construction of factories and housing for the labourers sent to work in those factories, cities were faced with newfound and critical needs to reorganize their policies on sewage, travel infrastructure and water supplies. Although the industrial revolution led to terrible working conditions for men, women and even children, and sparked the era of pollution and environmental and ecological exploitation, it was also the driving force behind development and modernization of public transportation, schooling, and health care (Roberts, 351).
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(The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780 Essay)
The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780 Essay.
“The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Cities since 1780 Essay”, n.d.
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