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Was Hitler's rise to power due to his own strengths or to the situation in Germany - Essay Example

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Political power sometimes is achieved out of situational advantage.The greatest racist in history Adolph Hitler did exactly that His views as a racist seeped into the general German mass that ultimately helped him to perform the notorious genocide killing 5 million Jews…
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Was Hitlers rise to power due to his own strengths or to the situation in Germany
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"Was Hitler's rise to power due to his own strengths or to the situation in Germany"

Download file to see previous pages Political power sometimes is achieved out of situational advantage.The greatest racist in history Adolph Hitler did exactly that His views as a racist seeped into the general German mass that ultimately helped him to perform the notorious genocide killing 5 million Jews.The greatest racist in history Adolph Hitler did exactly thatHe incorporated racism within the cross section of the German mass against the Jews though various methods like using media to his benefit and through overwhelming oratory. The idea of racial discrimination through methodical racial institutionalization of education, employment and health was put into the ultimate practice with fearful results. For example the speech presented at Munich on the date April 12, 1922 presents the insight of the conceptualization and formulation of raciest ideas and making it the instrument of gaining power at the Reichstag. The situation and the groundwork were favorable for Hitler. Germany was passing through a phase of humiliation and unemployment with economic downfall after the defeat of First World War.The Weimar republic was in power during the post First World War period starting from 1919. The Weimer government was completely unsuccessful with their political and financial policies and unemployment was on a high. As it is the country's defeat in the First World War resulted in economic instability that further incorporated fascist and Spartacist coups, like that of Hermann Ehrhardt's Freikorps, with wide spread political extremism and overall lawlessness. Constitution formed after abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II was inappropriate and weak and soon it lost popularity. The economy was badly hurt as a result of WWI defeat and treaty of Versailles claiming 20,000 billion gold marks as war reparations. This result in the currency to be unstable with 469,000 million marks national debt. Furthermore the economic coal fields of Rurh were occupied by the French government. To add more problem the 1929 stock market crisis made matter more severe. All these conditions ultimately led into hyperinflation that summed up to 663 billion marks.
There are also enough evidences that Hitler political power was based upon brute force with his incorporation of brutal political murders with included murder of communist leaders. Additionally, he blamed the Jews for all economic and political crisis of Germany and motivated the population to become anti-Semitic. Once the population became Anti-Semitic it was helpful to gain popularity and thus gain political power as the Germans regarded Hitler to be their savior. However, election results show that there is a gradual rise of popularity of the Nazi party from 1928-1932 but the main problem remained that there was no specific party individually strong enough to rule. This was a situation of an example of political instability in Germany that Hitler took complete advantage. (Rise of Nazism, 14-15)
An evaluation of the sources
Hitler, Adolph; Hitler Speaks in Munich; SPEECH OF April 12, 1922; NBT; 1999
The Rise of Nazism; pp-14-15
This book published in 1999 was recovered from Russian Achieves and presents a wide range of speeches by Hitler. These speeches show the methods by which Hitler uses to motivate the audience with fact at the beginning and fallacy to back his intentions. In his speech Hitler started off with the right note by pointing towards the defeat of the First World War as this would be the best possible mode of attracting the audiences' attention as logically enough that would be the most concerned element of the mass during the 1922 Germany. He promptly indicates that there was a "debt of some 7 or 8 millions of marks and beyond that was faced with the debts of the rest of the world" (Hitler, 1, 1). This the best possible manner by which he could effectively guide his intentions towards a well formulated methodical approach that would enable him to take the audience by his side ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Was Hitler'S Rise to Power Due to His Own Strengths or to the Essay.
“Was Hitler'S Rise to Power Due to His Own Strengths or to the Essay”, n.d.
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