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Proper form, with supporting argument, facts, and examples - Essay Example

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Proper essay form, with supporting argument, facts, and examples
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"Proper form, with supporting argument, facts, and examples"

Download file to see previous pages He then maintained a non-aggression and cordial relationship pact with Russian. However, Kaiser Wilhelm 11, his successor, dismissed him in 1890. Kaiser Wilhelm 11 could not renew the pact arguing that it was logically inconsistent with Germany’s commitments to Austria Hungary. The Russian foreign affairs ministry maintained friendly relations with Germany. However, the Russian military insisted that a new alliance with France was more important for Russia’s national security. Consequently, the Tsar military aid opened direct talks between the French and Russian generals of staffs. Despite the reservations of professional diplomats, the generals persuaded Tsar Nicholas 11 and the French cabinet to sign the pact. The secret military convention was signed in 1892 and later ratified in 1894.
There was the crow memorandum of 1907. This treaty gave rise to the Anglo-Germany antagonism. Influential career diplomat Sir Eyre Crowe spearheaded this treaty in 1907. This was brought about by the fact that Great Britain considered France as the most serious threat to its African and Asian interests. However, under a strong fear of Germany in 1904, the British concluded the “entente cordiale” with France. This was a friendly resolution of differences in Africa. The British inspired this resolution after they stood firmly beside France against Germany in the first Morocco crisis. Germany had protested forcefully against the creation of a French protectorate in Morocco. In the memorandum, Crowe sought to persuade British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, to conclude a similar agreement with Russia. This led to” Anglo Russian entente” of 1907 that paved way for a diplomatic cooperation and joint military planning between France ,Russia and Great Britain. Crowe considered Germany as the greatest peace threat in Europe.
There were four major diplomatic crises in Europe from 1905 to 1913. During this time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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