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The Hitler-Stalin Relationship: 1939-1941 - Term Paper Example

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From a young age, Hitler desired to have power and control over those around him. It was on November 8th 1923 that he attempted to overthrow the then ruling…
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The Hitler-Stalin Relationship: 1939-1941
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Download file to see previous pages Three days later, Hitler was imprisoned with charges of treason. It was while in jail that he wrote his first book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), where he gave detailed information on how he wanted to transform Germany based on race (Geoffrey 29)1.
After his release, Hitler took advantage of the Great Depression in Germany to advance his political ambitions. In the 1932 elections, Hitler vied against Paul von Hindenburg for the presidential seat. In both election rounds, Hitler garnered more than 35% of the votes in the final elections. This made most of the Germans to identify Hitler as a dominant political figure in Germany. Given that Hitler won the 2nd place in the presidential elections, Hindenburg was forced to appoint him as the Chancellor for promotion of political equality in the country. Hitler took advantage of the position he was offered to form a de facto government and a legal dictatorial rule in the country (Klein Hitler had full control over the de facto legitimate dictatorial government and he was supported by those who believed in his plans to transform Russia.
Under the de facto government, Hitler established the Reichstag Fire Decree which allowed for detention without trial and also called for the suspension of human rights. The Enabling Act was also passed under the influence of Hitler, giving his cabinet full control over the legislature and the executive arms of the government. This power would last for four years and the cabinet had full mandate to act against the constitution when it deemed fit. With the help of political supporters, Hitler established an oppressive political system all over Germany. This oppression was aimed at ensuring that Hitler’s party, Nazi, gained full control of the country. By June 1933, other political parties had been disbanded and lost their political influence in the country. On July 14th 1933, the Nazi party was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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