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The Muslim brotherhood in north america - Research Paper Example

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The Muslim Brotherhood In North America Issue of political Islamic settlers in a system of independent pluralism as well as responsible citizenship in the present era of globalization is vital as the Muslim brotherhood begin to behave like serious political actor…
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The Muslim brotherhood in north america
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"The Muslim brotherhood in north america"

Download file to see previous pages Practical politics of the Muslim brotherhood in the US have had some impact on the American domestic scene as well as the way US deals with the Islamic world. This writing traces the development of the Muslim Brotherhood and tests the movement’s readiness to conform to the rules of the emerging American society. In achieving strong union, it is not advisable to sacrifice liberty to attain unity. Although it is always necessary to attain a strong union, liberty is equally important and therefore it should not be neglected. A strong union may be triggered by economic reasons such as unequal distribution of wealth or the zeal for different religious beliefs or perhaps an attachment to different leaders who are contending for power, which may largely divide a society. Some scholars argue that unity can only be achieved when diversity is respected as this implies the paradox of democratic life. Despite the fact that independent systems are always desirable in a democratic world, their freedom and independence may somehow entitle them to do harm. It is worth noting that globalization has made America to become part of the world as the world as also turned out to be part of America although the challenge with the American democracy may not live up to expectations if citizenship becomes meaningless. According to Lopez Muslim Brotherhood is an oldest and the most influential Islamist movement founded in Egypt in 1928 and was strongly opposed to colonial rule (Web). Muslim Brotherhood based its discourse on Islam and believed that Islam is the only answer to Western military, political, economic as well as cultural influence in the Muslim world. The movement used a modern method of political ideas to mobilize support and spread across the world. In US, the nucleus, which began with the Muslim Student Association in the 1960s, laid numerous movements such as Islamic Association of North America as well as the Council on American Islamic Relations that had a common financial sources and occasional participation in common initiatives (Vidino Web). The groups included affluent, well connected, highly educated and motivated leaders with strong followers whom US authorities reach out to when seeking to engage the Muslim Community. Brotherhood movement have access to government because of the dynamics and although they have ideological ties with the middle east they are independent. Many organizations are currently linked with the Muslim Brotherhood and in the past decades, they have changed their tactics and objectives (“DiscoverTheNetwork” Web). “DiscoverTheNetwork” posit that the Brotherhoods’ goal to the west is very different and some critics posit that they intend to impose sharia law in the west (Web). One of the movement’s goals in the US is to preserve Islamic identity amongst American Muslims through a conservatism and openness approach without applying g isolation. Moreover, Muslim Brotherhood normally wants to be designated as an official representative of the Muslim community of America although there unrelenting in activism has not attracted many members. Most American Muslims usually ignore the movements’ claims thus prompting the organization to associate with the American elites who may financially support them and provide political support as well as legitimacy. They deemed it necessary to connect with elites so that they can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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