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America's intervention in Syria - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on Syria’s crisis and the feasibility of America’s intervention. This paper begins by describing the situation and the historical background of the conflict and how it escalated to humanitarian crisis…
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Americas intervention in Syria
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"America's intervention in Syria"

Download file to see previous pages America has previously intervened in other crisis like this such as in Egypt and Iraq though Syria’s case has been complicated by failure of China and Russia to adopt a resolution by the United Nation’s Security Council. This paper therefore recommends against military intervention but a diplomatic and politically negotiated solution for the benefit of both Syrians and America. Introduction The uprising in Tunisia ignited the turning point in the leadership of many Arab countries. In what begun within the social media, it is now clear that the uprising in Tunisia was a significant event in the Arab spring. It took only one year since this uprising begun in Tunisia and now Syrians are fighting to overthrow the Damascus regime led by their authoritarian leader Bashar al-Assad. Despite the many deaths that have occurred in other countries such as Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt due to the same fight against dictatorship, innocent Syrians continue to die. It is also important to note that Syrians who are persistently seeking to overthrow the government and Bashar regime has constantly faced severely and violent crackdown from him. The increasing violent attack on Syrians by Bashar regime has not only led to the death of many Syrians, but has presented a serious humanitarian crisis in the nation. . As stated by (), the number of Syrians who have died in the violence stand at seven thousand since the beginning of the violence in March this year. Moreover, the matter has been complicated further by the rejection by China and Russia to adopt a resolution on the matter by the United Nation’s Security Council. Although the certain interventions have been successful in the past like in Libya where dictator Gadhafi was brought down, intervention in Syria is tricky and the feasibility of United States intervention is in question. Background of the Study and History Syria is an Arab nation found along the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea within the Middle East. This nation is very diverse in terms of both ethnicity and religious even though many citizens of the nation are Sunni Arab Muslims. Civilization has taken place in different nations since many years and centuries, however, Syria can be rated as very young in terms of civilization. Although its boarders were drawn over a hundred years ago by the European colony, it has not adopted the modern democracy with regards to national governance. Currently, the nation is in the center of a serious humanitarian crisis resulting from violence between government forces and National Coalition of Revolution and other militia groups (Hasan, 2012). The conflict in Syria begun when the peaceful protesters mainly inspired by revolution in both Tunisia and Egypt begun challenging the dictatorial regime led by Assad in late March 2011 (Unham, 2013). The response from the government was not only severe, but exhibited the highest level of atrocity never witnesses in the country. The government begun raping, kidnapping, killing and torturing activists as well as their family members. This never deterred many protesters but only served to energize their operations. The government then directed and increased atrocities to small children and women mutilating their bodies and dumping by the roadsides (Unham, 2013). When military begun shooting direct on the protesters, the civilian responded by shooting back thus the fighting escalated from a mere protest into civil war. The year 2012 marked the midst of highest atrocities ever ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(America'S Intervention in Syria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
America'S Intervention in Syria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“America'S Intervention in Syria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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