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How the East views the World: As reflected by media coverage of the war on Syria - Research Paper Example

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 The purpose of this paper is to shed some light into how we (Westerners) are perceived in the (Middle) East by using articles about the war in Syria published by three different Media Networks: Aljazeera America, Tehran Times, and the Jerusalem Post.  …
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How the East views the World: As reflected by media coverage of the war on Syria
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Extract of sample "How the East views the World: As reflected by media coverage of the war on Syria"

Download file to see previous pages A broadcast network owned by Quatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network, Aljazeera America is the expanding network of Aljazeera in the United States. They are affiliated with more than 70 Aljazeera bureaus around the world. Different from Aljazeera English and the Aljazeera that broadcasts from Qatar to other areas in the Arabic Peninsula, Aljazeera America is geared for the American audience and is devoted to broadcasting domestic as well as international news produced within U.S. shores but with the same tenacity and “fearlessness” as how the Aljazeera does it back in the Arabian Peninsula. Though they are new players in the States , they are already major competitors for ratings and airtime with major news agencies such as CNN, BBC, FOX NEWS, among others because of the coverage of their parent Qatar-based network during the wars in Afghanistan following the 9-11 terrorist attack, as well as the American troops’ deployment in Iraq, and Iran.This network started out in 1979 as a foreign-language publication that gives voice to the Islamic Revolution. It and its news agency, Mehr News Agency (MNA) is not owned by the government of Iran and thus they claim that their reporting is unbiased and more reflective of the “real” situation. Most contributors are from Iran and other Middle Eastern countries but they also have Americans and people of other nationalities as contributors. Previously called the Palestine Bulletin, the Jerusalem Post was founded in 1932 and is still based in Jerusalem, Israel.  From that time, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How the East Views the World: As Reflected by Media Coverage of the Research Paper.
“How the East Views the World: As Reflected by Media Coverage of the Research Paper”, n.d.
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