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Indeed, historians such as Herfried Munkler argue that the involvement was exactly the goal of most Washington politicians at the time. Interestingly, plans were underway to…
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American Globalism
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Download file to see previous pages He hoped to rescue the world by ending First World War. Although he failed, the peace he brokered lasted for a significant two decades. However, today American politicians rationalize military intervention using the very arguments Wilson used to convince America and the rest of the world about the need for peace, economic stability and development. This marked the end of America’s isolation. Through his well-calculated political moves, he transformed America and made it the center of Europe’s politics. Afterwards, the continent of Europe largely depended more or less on American policy. For his efforts to foster world peace, Wilson was awarded Nobel Peace Prize. At the time, Europe was the epicenter of the world (The Peacemakers 0:42).
In its wake, World War 1 claimed millions of lives and saw the devastation of the world economy. The warring parties ceded no ground for dialog. It took the relentless efforts of Wilson to bring the stalemate to an end. Thus, America intervened to ending World War One. He was able to convince the US Senate, arguing that it was the duty of America to aid structure for lasting peace. He asserted that the goal of the war was to establish a community power as opposed to a power balance. Achieving an organized common peace as opposed to organized rivalry was paramount in a new world order. This argument was critical in ending the war in Europe. Thus, the America foreign policy was changed. In the movie, The Great War "Collapse, they maintained that America’s involvement in the war would help in the establishing world peace and stabilize the social and economy social relations (The Great War "Collapse 0:39-42).
Conversely, the realists believed that America’s significant task was to balance the welfare of various countries to achieve a stable equilibrium. The idealists believed in the dreams of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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