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Instructor Date Classical Argument Introduction Yew-Kwang Ng is affiliated to the Nanyang Technological University and Department of Economics, Monash University, Australia, Economics Division. The work argues that paying the military draft will entail very heavy taxation on the citizens…
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Download file to see previous pages The author gives a good example of Europe during the Cold War when a huge percentage of the countries embraced the constriction of their soldiers (Yew-Kwang 374). However, the military draft was governed with a lot of controversies ranging from the costs incurred on the same which has forced a huge percentage of the countries to focus on volunteer efforts from other agencies so as to evade the costs (Yew-Kwang 375). Additionally, the weapons adopted in the war system are actually extremely sophisticated which has also contributed immensely to the elimination of conscription (Yew-Kwang 374). Despite the fact that the author argues, that the military draft may involve a lesser cost, it is arguable that the costs of paying this fee will be burdened on the taxpayers who have to overstretch their pockets to cater for that fund (Yew-Kwang 375). Sands’ article argues that the military draft may be useful for the protection of the humans, but the challenges that come alongside it are massive. The author gives an example of the Soviet bloc during the 2nd World War (Sands 33). The article also explains that adopting an all-conscript force is actually too expensive and does not save much cost for the taxpayers (Sands 33). Leaders of the present day era, as Sands argues, are ones that military forces and not military-conscript forces (34). Hummel explains that the military draft was applied in the case of USA during the Mexican war (30). The practices of the militia were by then varied from state to the other, some states spending about 2.5 % for the military draft (Hummel 40). Hummel takes a stand by saying that the difference portrayed in the USA militia drafts kept improving over the years, which led to efficient services from the militants (48). However, the author concludes by saying volunteer militia would be fit today, as opposed to provision of drafts as well as coercion to the militants (Hummel 69) Critique Yew-Kwang’s article may be termed as a valid one for the study of the topic. It begins from the perspective of the author on what they would have done if they were to choose for or against the military draft. The author then gives an introduction that summarizes the paper. The next section focuses on the analysis of the work which is also explained in the form of graphical representation to explain the author’s perspective in details. The author also gives a simple model of calculation of the draft and its implications in a graphical representation with formulae to explain the graph (Yew-Kwang 379). From the conclusion of the article, it is evident that the author supports military draft in a way as he argues out to the economists that the draft may attract desirable costs. Sands’ article is in prose from and is seemingly one that contains explanations that may not actually be justified on the basis of the conclusions made. If the author had actually given raw data probably from the military personnel, the article would have had a stronger implication on the reader or researcher in this field. Lastly Hummel’s work gives a historical account of what had been taking place throughout the world regarding the provision of military drafts as well as their effectiveness. With a detailed account of some of the wars fought during the time, the reader gets a clear glimpse of the exact picture of what ensued during the past and what needs to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose from Description below Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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