Pleasant and Unpleasant Description of a Lunch Meal - Essay Example

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 This essay "Pleasant and Unpleasant Description of a Lunch Meal" analyses opportunity writing a paper. Before starting a paper, it is advisable, for the students to brainstorm. A wonderful way to learn to write is to examine writing habits of great writers and try to emulate their work. …
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Pleasant and Unpleasant Description of a Lunch Meal
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Pleasant and Unpleasant Description of a Lunch Meal
Positive paragraph - Delicious lunch on an Algonquin round table with white covers on it. I choose the Algonquin table for its rich history of hosting literary giants like Robert Sherwood. A sweet aroma filling the air stimulating the saliva glands to do what they do best. The shrimp bisque was rich, creamy and chock full of shrimp, a perfect beginning that led up to the main course. I had two-cheese omelette and barely had enough still yearning for more tasty and delicious. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing with good privacy. It is really worth it. The service is excellent nothing more than you would imagine of, polite, courteous and non-obstructive. The prices are worth it. "I am looking forward to a return visit" (Catford, par 4).
Negative paragraph - Truly disappointed with the atmosphere and service of the restaurant I could not imagine how the food was to taste. The service was slow, non-courteous and interruptive. Sitting on an Algonquin round table with white covers with stains on it. I was looking for a great experience and found this place lacking. The atmosphere is non-conducive no privacy and noisy. Not really worth the trouble services below average, prices much above average than the usual. Had a cheese omelette for lunch overcooked too much strong cheese on it? I could not bear it. A glass of wine here cost more than the lunch itself. "I am not looking forward to a return visit" (Catford, par 4).
Rhetorical analysis
I used a great deal of word choice in each of my two descriptions. For example in my positive paragraph, I described the cheese omelette to be ‘tasty and delicious’ to a point that I hardly had enough. In the negative paragraph, I described cheese omelette to be ‘overcooked with too much cheese on them’. This means that I could not bear them any more as they lacked taste.
In my positive paragraph, I described the atmosphere to be ‘quiet and relaxing with good privacy’. This implies the place to be cool and conducive. In the negative paragraph, I described the atmosphere to be’ noisy and with no privacy’. This portrays the place to be unbearable and non-conducive.
In my positive paragraph, I described the service to be ‘excellent’. This is further explained by the politeness, courteousness and non-interruptive nature of the service. In the negative paragraph, I describe the service to be’ slow, non-courteous and interruptive. This brings out the disappointment nature of the client.
In my positive paragraph, I described the Algonquin round table with a lot of fondness ‘I choose the Algonquin table for its rich history of hosting literary giants like Robert Sherwood ‘.this means that sitting on the table brought a lot of good feeling. In my negative paragraph, I described the table to be dirty with stains on it. This brings bad feeling to the client (Watson, 26).
Writing can be such fun. Before starting a paper, it is advisable, for the students to brainstorm. This leads to one's creativity to get into action, which helps in generating ideas. It is important to determine the idea of writing before starting a text. A wonderful way to learn to write is to examine writing habits of great writers and try to emulate their work. The writer’s toolbox makes it easy to write and come up with new ideas especially when writing stories in magazines and newspapers (Friedman, 12).
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Watson, Duane F. “A Rhetorical Analysis of Philippians and Its Implications for the Unity Question.” Novum Testamentum 30.1 (1988): 57–88. Print.
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