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The historical records are filled with reports of weak, unkempt, and malnourished children who have been cast out by their own families to fend for themselves, and of children who have found themselves in an abusive situation…
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Loss and Trauma
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Download file to see previous pages In most cases, it is a common phenomenon in institutions and other schools as well as penal systems for the young offenders.
Conversely, the matter of children being subjected to abusive situations have never received widespread attention by the general public or even families, and until today it is still happening. Therefore, this essay discusses how children have been thrust into unfortunate abusive situations and how the system has marginalized their problems. The study also covers various methods that have enabled children to flourish and rise above their horrific beginnings.
An abuse that children are undergoing is psychological or emotional because it involves changing the thinking or emotional response of a child. This type of abuse normally gives negative messages to the child about themselves, for instance, referring them as stupid or ugly. This also entails dominant conduct that forces submission from the child or degrading the child. Injuries that are inflicted by a parent or anyone on a child can take several forms (Kelly, 2013). Very serious damage or death in children abused mostly results from the head injury or internal organs. Head trauma, due to the result of abuse in most cases, is the common consequence of death in children and the involved are those in the two years of life being the one most susceptible. Due to the force applied, it passes to the body through the skin, and the patterns of skin injury can offer confirmation of abuse. In addition, the skeletal abuse manifestations include many fractures that appears during different healing stages, fractures of bones which are infrequently broken under circumstances that are normal, and characteristic fracturing of the long bones as well as ribs (Mayers, 2014).
Moreover, shaking is a prevalent kind of abuse observed in most young children. Most of the affected fall less than nine months old. Many of the performers of these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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