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Analysis of artworks - Essay Example

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The two paintings chosen for this analysis includes Adoration and the Young Gleaner/the Butterflies. Both compositions have been done by Paul Peel and they feature fascinating landscapes. …
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Analysis of artworks
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Download file to see previous pages The choice of the two paintings was inspired by their stunning looks, and because of my passion for landscape and realism artwork (Alpers 12). The analysis will include description of the painting, technical analysis, aesthetic evaluation, and interpretation of their meaning. The last part will include comparison of the two paintings and the conclusion. Adoration (1985) This art oil on canvas artwork was done by Paul Peel in 1885. It was issued as a gift to Mrs. Robert Wood in 1940, in Memory of her husband. Its overall size is 129.5 x 165.1 cm. It is currently displayed at Art Gallery of Ontario. Adoration (1885) is a real artwork, which looks incredibly stunning. The artist has used an impressionist style, which is really successful because the viewers can hardly distinguish the artwork from the real photography. The woman’s dress is made of layers of cleaves, accented by dark shades that demonstrates the source of light as well as their baggy size. The grass, which is loosely scattered all over the place, looks like a casual splash of paint when viewed from a close distance. However, from a distance, the grass looks so organized with lively colors that make the whole atmosphere look hot and semi-arid (Davis 220). From a closer look, the background looks like a meaningless brushstroke until the viewer takes a few steps back to recognize the long distance perspective of a hilly background with a building somewhere at a closer distance. In other words, the artist has successfully used lighter colors for the background horizon to create distance. It seems as if the hilly background is very many miles from the foreground, an aspect that is really interesting for the viewer to experience (Roskill 145). This artwork is asymmetrical, with the woman and her kid on the right, leaving the left side for the allure of nature to be featured perfectly and without distraction. The woman appears to be busy undertaking her daily activity, with the baby appearing very comfortable with what is going on, possibly implying that the activity is a daily routine. The bright colors express a warm mood. The manner in which the woman is doing her work together with her baby reminds me of my early days when my mum used to walk with me everywhere she went, including the garden. I think the artist is trying to portly the idea of working hard in what one does (Frye 112). The colors used on the woman are closely related to the ones applied on the rest of the composition, but blending of these colors must have been done proficiently because use of closely related colors do not make any image to look obscure. For example, despite the fact that the color used to paint the wheelbarrow is almost the same as that used to paint grass, the viewer can easily mark out the outline of the wheelbarrow, an aspect that shows that the artist must have been extremely skillful (Fuchs 45). From the analysis of this artwork, I have realized that the use of colors that are related is really important, and that good-blending of such colors can make a composition look awesome. I have also learnt that I can also make a good artwork if I am careful with the way I chose and mix colors, because this is an aspect I was not really good in doing. Certainly, I have liked this artwork and it has really inspired me, not only in respect to art but also in my daily life, because I have felt more attracted to the allure of nature and working hard to get daily bread (Lemert and Branaman 16). Figure 1: Adoration (1985) The Young Gleaner or the Butterflies The Butterflies is an oil on canvas artwork that measures124.2 x 93.2 cm. It is currently displayed at the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The paining is vertical in orientation, which perfectly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Artworks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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