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How does Becker's 'Artworlds' approach challenge the notion of the artist - Essay Example

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BECKER'S THEORY, GENUS INDIVIDUAL AND SHARJAH BIENNIAL Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Howard Becker in 1982 developed a theoretical framework, which held that the world of art and the associated activities is dependent on collective efforts as against the efforts of a single person as the theory of artist genius (Becker, 1982, p…
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How does Beckers Artworlds approach challenge the notion of the artist
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Extract of sample "How does Becker's 'Artworlds' approach challenge the notion of the artist"

Download file to see previous pages According to the theory by Becker, credit is due to all participants within the process of production of the film as against an individual whose role was just part of the different roles that resulted to the final piece as produced. In other words, Becker stands to differ with the perception that within the arts industry, an individual agency can govern the industry. Accordingly, Becker reasons that art is/should be defined through the various activities that lead to its production. He therefore defined art world to be the collective activity that is involved in the production of a piece of artwork. He refutes the ideology that an individual constitutes artwork but in the contrary advances his theory that the collective system in the industry constitutes it. It is also worth noting that the creation of artwork would be influenced by such constraints as production systems as well as the distribution systems. However, Becker acknowledges the varying roles played by the core personnel within a piece of artwork and the role played by support personnel (Becker, 1982, p. 1-39-30). Discussion As Jones points out in an article, a product of artistic nature requires the collaborative efforts as well as interdependence on roles as well as skills by different people, a fact that is often overlooked by art worlds and the artists themselves. Organizational scholars actually reason that creativity has become fundamentally social as against primarily individual as would be argued by other fields. Success in artwork and the industry rely more on collective creativity, which involve ‘help seeking’, ‘help giving’, ‘reinforcing’ as well as ‘reflective reframing’. Moreover, in regard to creations as well as credit of patents, individual brokers often create new ideas but the ideas are least adopted by others while collaborative brokerage which involves people coming together to co-create does not as often create ideas but their ideas get easily adopted by others. This therefore reaffirms the observation by Becker that individuals often have high capacity of creativity than collaborative efforts despite the fact that they are least recognized in credit. However, Jones reveals that art worlds differ depending on the collaborative efforts they require from artists. For instance, such pieces of art as etching, painting as well as sculpture are more dependent on individual creativity as well as execution as unlike the case with such pieces of art as films, which depend on the collaborative creativity as explained by their complexities. Moreover even in the art worlds where simple artistic products are involved, which depend on s ingle person to execute, artists still find the strength of individual creativity from the group context through which collaborative efforts ensures that such a product gains audience as well as attention necessary. This is contrasted with other artistic works such as the film industry, which rely on the collective efforts in creativity, and execution where the question that arises is how an individual artist would create reputation on an independent basis from the rest of the contributors. This therefore shows that interdependence is a prerequisite to the success within the art worlds (Jones, 2011, p. 151-152). Cultural creation can equally be viewedfrom the lens of collaborative eff ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Becker's 'Artworlds' Approach Challenge the Notion of the Essay.
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