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The paper "Rubrics In Evaluating Student Works" seeks to discuss and analyze how to create a scoring rubric for an essay exam. This, therefore, includes into the discussion available theories of rubric creation and a sample rubric will be produced as a result…
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Rubrics In Evaluating Student Works
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Download file to see previous pages The author citing (Nitko, 2001) (Moskal, 2000) said, " A holistic rubric requires the teacher to score the overall process or product as a whole, without judging the component parts separately. In contrast, with an analytic rubric, the teacher scores separate, individual parts of the product or performance first, then sums the individual scores to obtain a total score."
Mertler, (2001) citing Chase (1999) suggested that holistic rubrics are customarily utilized when errors in some part of the process can be tolerated provided the overall quality is high. He cited Nitko (2001) further said that the use of holistic rubrics is probably more appropriate when performance tasks require students to create some sort of response and where there is no definitive correct answer
Hence when talking of overall quality holistic is preferable aside from somewhat quicker scoring process than the use of analytic rubrics (Mertler, 2001, citing Nitko,(2001). This is basically due to the fact that the teacher is required to read through or otherwise examine the student product or performance only once, in order to get an "overall" sense of what the student was able to accomplish (Mertler, 2001).
Mertler, 2001 citing Nitco ( 2001) prefers the use of analytic rubrics when fairly...
it ( 2001) prefers the use of analytic rubrics when a fairly focused type of response is required, that is, for performing tasks in which there may be one or two acceptable responses and creativity is not an essential feature of the students' responses. He also suggested the use of the same in making an assessment on a multidimensional level.
A rubric measures performance and measuring performance is just one of the functions of a teacher hence prior to design a specific rubric, a choice scoring holistically or analytically must be made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rubrics In Evaluating Student Works Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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