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Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear war in Japan - Research Paper Example

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Pearl Harbor incident has been the most significant and controversial war attack incident in the history of United States. This paper tells about attack on the Pearl Harbor…
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Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear war in Japan
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"Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear war in Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Pearl Harbor attack was not sudden or a reaction of persistently declined negotiations by Japan, but it was a long term reaction based on numerous historical incidents. The controversial state of Manchuria conquered by Japan from China became the key disputable matter between Japan and US in 1931. Since there onwards, Japan intended to take control of the rest of China. Subsequently, Japan became an anti-peace country and allied with Nazi-Germany, which was already invading War on different countries. In 1940, Japan was viewed with suspicion and became un-trustable for the countries it traded with. Due to Germany’s pro-war perspective, Japan was also considered a threat for the security of its neighboring countries. Thus, in 1940 Japan invaded and conquered Indo- China.
Japan’s intensions were vivid as it wanted to invade rich mineral resources territories under its expert rule and for the same reason it needed US approval or a general agreement, which it did not obtain and as a result; Japan attacked US naval base. Under the command of General Tojo, Japanese army was prepared for the Second World War. However, Japanese president disapproved the idea of war and insisted on ceasing war from the emperor. The Japanese authorities were divided into two groups one favored war against US, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Malaysia, and the other advocated peace talks with US for the sake of natural resources.
The relationship between Japan and America were tensed in the beginning of twentieth century and it worsened in the year 1940 due to Japan’s interest in East Asia and invasion in Vietnam....
US rejected the second proposal of Japan as well, as it absolutely wanted to eradicate Japan’s influence and invasion in China. Moreover, when the negotiations failed between the two countries, Japan withdrew its settlement tactic and planned to invade Thailand as its next target for natural resources. Since Japan is poor in natural resources; therefore, it completely relied on neighboring countries to obtain them. Invading and conquering these states via military was acutely planned for future resource management. Thailand invasion plan was revealed and US moved forward on 6th December 1941 and requested the emperor of Japan to pull out its army from China and nearby territories. In response, Japan already bitter by US negotiation declines, attacked US naval base ‘Pearl Harbor’ (Hawaii) on 7th December morning. The surprise attack took its tool; an approximate of 2,403 died, 1178 people were injured, 1103 sailors died and mass destruction left US army in an insubstantial state (Goodwin, 57). At Oahu, 340 airplanes were targeted. Six ships were smashed and two sunk with heavy loss of life. On the other hand, Japan lost twenty seven airplanes and five midget submarines, which were trying to intrude the dock and commence torpedoes. US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor was a threat to Japanese naval army. Therefore, Admiral Yamamoto designed a surprise attack plan which made the US fleet useless for its defense. The attack was formed into two waves: the first attack was air at 7:45 am, which destructed all the air and naval craft docked on the harbor and the second was a marine: two hour attack, which destroyed eighteen ships and left the US marine in a fragile state. The East of Ford Island was under attack and the navy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear War in Japan Research Paper.
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