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America's Involvement in World War Two and How it helped contribute to America becoming a Super Power - Research Paper Example

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The world’s greatest war, World War II began in 1939 and lasted for almost six years. It was between two military alliances. On the axis powers were Japan, Germany and the Kingdom of Italy. While the allies were lead by United Kingdom, China, Soviet Union U.S.A…
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Americas Involvement in World War Two and How it helped contribute to America becoming a Super Power
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"America's Involvement in World War Two and How it helped contribute to America becoming a Super Power"

Download file to see previous pages America was not directly involved in the war in the early stages. The necessity increased after the fall of France, the Pearl Harbor incident but mainly when Hitler declared war on U.S. This led to America’s direct involvement in the World War II and helped America to transition from a great power to a super power.
World war II started by the deep seated anger in German due to the loss in World War I. Hitler a new leader in Germany transformed it from a defeated state to powerful one with a large army of up to 400,000 men which led to the breaking of the treaty of Versailles (Langley). March 16th 1935 Hitler tore up the treaty of Versailles when he started to build up his army (Hills & Barber 10) .Although U.S.A had always been an ally in the Second World War its direct involvement did not came after much later. In 1939 its only involvement was to provide arms and ammunition in turn of cash from countries. America was indirectly helping the allies by starving Japan of oil. Winston Churchill repeatedly tried to convince Franklin D. Roosevelt to enter the war but it was after Hitler’s declaration of war, the attack by Japanese on USA naval base in Pearl Harbor, America got directly involved in the war. ...
This attack led to allies invading Italian mainland leading to the capture of Rome. The United States along with other allies continued to attack the Axis powers which led to the retake of Paris in the D-Day Invasion (Hills & Barber 17, 25). In the Tokyo Bombing Raids American bombers destroyed up to 250,000 buildings and killed 83,000 in massive fire bombing. It continued to play an important part in the attacks on the Axis Powers, till the end of the war where it dropped two atomic bombs in Japan bringing the war to an end. These included the two nuclear bombing the world had ever seen one being in Hiroshima and the other in Nagasaki. Both bombings left the city with massive destruction with large number of causalities breaking the strength of Japan totally and only six days after the bombing of Nagasaki Japan surrendered. It is clearly seen by the events of the war that although America was not involved directly at first in the war it played a pivotal role once it became directly involved and it’s most important role was that of bringing the war to an end by destroying one of the main Axis powers, Japan, completely (Langley 56). It is often wondered how U.S.A reached its position of dominance in the world. And it would not be wrong to link its rise a super power to the results and events of World War II. The characteristics of super power are firstly having a strong stable economy, secondly overpowering military, thirdly immense international political power and lastly strong national ideology. Before the war America was seen as a great power along with many other powerful strong nations like Russia and Britain. It was only after the war that U.S.A emerged as a strong super power and still holds that position. Even in years ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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