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Idealism as an approach in international politics is simply naivety, do you agree - Essay Example

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Failure of Idealism Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Idealism is the concept in the school of liberalism stressing on the need for the states to pursue moral goals and act ethically in the global environment. Idealists believe that behaviors considered immoral in the interpersonal level should be considered immoral in the foreign policy…
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Idealism as an approach in international politics is simply naivety, do you agree
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Idealism as an approach in international politics is simply naivety, do you agree

Download file to see previous pages... The synchronization of the local and international policies can lead to improved success and ease of integration. Idealism is based on personal values are integrated into social values (Connelly & Panagakou, 2010, p. 56). In spite of having the best values and approach in domestic issues, idealism has failed to the replicated in the global arena because of the difficulty in transforming the values. The concept of idealism has not been effective in handling the global conflicts based on several issues affecting countries. The capitalistic nature of countries has made the challenge extremely difficult. Countries currently focus on what will benefit them and not on idealistic values. The creation of allegiance between countries is based on country’s interest and not values (Tomuschat, 2010, p. 45). For instance, the continual negativity and difference in stance between Russia and America is a product of interests and not values. These interests affect the development of values and principles guiding the countries. Since the development of the concept of idealism, several issues affected the society that in turn influenced the social values. Failure of idealism The failure of idealism can be linked with the events after the First World War because it failed to capture the issues affecting society. In fact, the postwar issues were not addressed by the idealism present by the international policy. The failure to address the relationship status of the countries affected the nature of international development, which in turn affects the countries around the world. Idealism is dependent on personal and state values and policies which depended on the interest of the nation (Podany, 2010, p. 136). During the First World War, it is estimated that over sixty million civilian and military causalities which led to the development of a new political theory. According to idealist theory, a lasting peace is constructed around the elimination of war. The argument of the idealist is that the war was caused by defects in the process of real politics. The result of the ideology is the creation of the new organization called The League of nations. The League of Nations was an international organization focusing on control and moderation of the individual states’ actions against each other. The approach was supported by the initiation of international treaties (Perkins, 2013, p. 113). The aim of the international government was to limit weapons while maintaining collective security and renouncing the use of war as a national policy. The League of Nations did not achieve success because after the First World War, the Second World War occurred and the development of other inter-nation aggression and war. The failure indicated the non-relevance of the idealist approach employed after the First World War. Human reason as a basis of idealism Idealism relies on human reason as the foundation of its development. The philosophical basis of the Wilson’s peace law was borrowed from Bentham’s idea, which was developed a century earlier. The placement of faith in the power of reason, public opinion, individual liberty and social openness as the key values to the idealistic principles led to failure. The concept rejected secret negotiations and alliances which is a prevalent feature in the current international relations. The main principle was the reliance on the human reason (Tomuschat, 2010, p. 13). Human reason allows an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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