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Why was World War One a necessary war for the United States - Essay Example

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Why WWI was “Necessary” to the USA
USA being among superpowers in the world, WWI incident came in a situation that it could not have an easy compromise, hence engaging itself in the combat from 1917 up to 1918. …
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Why was World War One a necessary war for the United States
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"Why was World War One a necessary war for the United States"

Download file to see previous pages According to the lecture notes, the WWI was inevitable because “it protested our trade and alliances as well as stopping a super power from taking over (Lecture notes, October 21, 2013).” Several factors contributed to the inception of WWI, whereby some of them were key and necessary for the USA to join besides protecting their interests in various regions globally as a super power. Germans were the central factors that prompted the inception of the war. Before the WWI, Germany employed diverse ways intended to enhance communism in the USA neighboring regions, which the latter felt there was a launched threat that entailed immediate action. Germany directly attacked USA allies using distractive communists’ movements during that time. USA during then could not stand seeing Germany taking over states where it had invested its interests. For instance, colossal amount of money that the state had parted with to ensure its allies succeeded in subduing their adversaries (October 23, 2013). This prompted the USA to engage in WWI besides it being a strong anticommunist state that ensured the progress of democracy. This could have degraded the trustworthiness of the US military. According to Mooney, the American government had the obligation to fight and “….make the world safe for democracy (Mooney, 83).” USA also had in mind how it had gave its allies colossal amount of money. The 2.3 billion cash was very vital for the communities that owed the USA. According to lecture notes, “allies war debt to American bankers. Ninety nine percent of the money load to Allies, if Allies lose the war, America would not get the money back (lecture notes October 23, 2013). Therefore, WWI could act as a stumbling block in enabling allies to repay what they got from US. According to Mooney, American investors worried they might lose the money loaned to Allies if the Central Powers won the war (Mooney, 80). Under this circumstance, the United State of America found it vital in securing the amounts of money that the allies would release to them by engaging their adversary. The shipping business, which USA during then undertook was also a factor that prompted it to decide waging fierce battle against communists. The United States of America during then was increasingly gaining naval strength, hence trying its best to prevent the entry of some unwanted merchandise into the county, which were basically weapon and military items. They were also using the shipping activities to import and export food items within the country. These actions would hinder the supply of essential commodities to the United States. According to Senator George, “the enormous profits of munitions manufacturers” during then was to extent US market and other similar networks (Senator George, 4 April 1917).” On the contrary, Germans were trying to block the entry of boats into Britain. This moved the United States of America to wage war against them, which was an apparent reason why the USA resolved to join the WWI in 1917. This is because Germans were interfering with USA’s economic progress as well as security system. Hence, Germans actions being a threat the policy of Franklin Delano, which was to protect security systems of United States of America. During the period of the WWI, there was a quest for power among the nations. Each nation wanted to be the controller in some extent. Therefore, USA being in a position of superpower supported other nations in different ways, which gave them enormous prestige. According to Thomas J. Fleming, US was supplying some of the big powers with ammunition approximating “.40 percent of their war materiel” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Was World War One a Necessary War for the United States Essay)
Why Was World War One a Necessary War for the United States Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1490570-why-was-world-war-one-a-ypnecessaryy-war-for-the.
“Why Was World War One a Necessary War for the United States Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1490570-why-was-world-war-one-a-ypnecessaryy-war-for-the.
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