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United States Military Foreign Policy - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the shape and scope of American foreign policy changed forever. The US government came to the conclusion that in order to obtain domestic security, intervention across the globe was absolutely necessary to fight the war on terror…
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United States Military Foreign Policy
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Extract of sample "United States Military Foreign Policy"

Download file to see previous pages Aside from militaristic efforts, the federal government also sought to increase its own power and ability to utilize all of their resources in order to win the war on terror. The President’s power was Constitutionally expanded in a time of war, so 9/11 permitted the government to implement these wartime powers, including the increase of domestic and international surveillance (known by the Bush administration as the “dark side”) and the “secret document” signed by President George W. Bush (unbeknownst to many in the administration) instituting military tribunals to hold and try known terrorists, as opposed to civilian courts guaranteed by the Constitution. The events of 9/11 enabled the federal government and U.S. military to expand their interests and presence in regions which previously seemed impossible.
In order to convince the recently-patriotic American people that U.S. military intervention was necessary, they focused on the oppressive governments of the nation’s enemies. They put forth the ideals and values evident in the American Constitution articulated over two hundred years ago, in which every nation must hold democratic elections and a certain set of basic rights should be guaranteed to all citizens despite race, creed or economic standing. The fascist regime of Saddam Hussein fit perfectly into the mold of murdering oppressors who must be ousted from power to help people incapable of helping themselves.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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