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President FDR Name Institution Date President FDR President Roosevelt was the 32nd serving president of the United States of America. He served in the office of the president from 4th March 1933 and ended his tenure on 12th April 1945. He is considered the only president in the United States to have been in office for 12 years and only leaving office after his death…
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President FDR
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"President FDR"

Download file to see previous pages This avidly explains the reason for being elected in office for more than two terms, unlike other presidents that preceded him. As a matter of fact, he was often cited to have realigned politics in America through various domestic policies. As such, he was able to redefine liberalism. Change in American politics was realized after 1932 when he was duly elected in office. He is remembered as the president who was optimistic and active as there are several contributions that were appealing to the American society. His tenure in office marked an improvement in the spirit of nationalism as many were proud of the new developments in the country. First, he was the figure behind annihilation of polio. During this time, polio was a scourge in the United States as it affected a large part of the population. However, after his election, he instigated various ways of reducing the effects of polio on the population. This was highly welcome as it was effective. Secondly, he worked with other elected officials in the government for the good of the population (Folsom, 2009). For example, he had close working relationship with the prime minister in Britain, Winston Churchill. Similarly, he worked closely with Joseph Stalin, who was the Soviet leader. With such close working relationship, they were able to lead their troops against the Nazi allied Germans and Japan during the Second World War. Similarly, he was able to offer support to Great Britain and china both financially and diplomatically. However, he remained neutral during this time. This is an approach that enhanced the democracy of America as it was seen as a country full of democracy. Though he was providing financial and diplomatic support to the other countries, he was also focused on ensuring the economy was on a developing track. There are various events that serve as a hallmark to the career of Roosevelt as an American president. Apparently, a number of polls have been cited to rank him as the third or second in the greatest American presidents. This shows he was committed to serving the American population through all times while in office. First, he was the person behind expansion of programs that are initiated by the government (Folsom, 2009). This was an initiative that redefined the government’s role in the United States to serve the entire population. For example, this was an initiative that advocated for social programs that are implemented by the government as it was instrumental in enhancing liberalism. This was a hallmark of strengthening the country for the coming generations as it was a benefit to the whole population. Roosevelt was elected in office at the wake of the great depression. This was a hard time for the Americans as they had to contain the harsh economic times. However, with the newly elected president, the American economy was able to contain depression (Greenstein, 2009). Apparently, the great depression was affecting many countries across the globe and it depended on the government officials and presidents to work out a plan to roll out depression. This was well articulated by the incumbent Roosevelt. In combating the great depression, he was able to create a number of programs in the country to help the population that was widely affected. This was done by creating new deal programs that would benefit the people that are worst affected. First, he created the civil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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President FDR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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