How did African American and Native Americans shape Colonial America and how were they shaped by Colonial America - Essay Example

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Date How the African and Native Americans Contributed to the Colonial American History The arrival of black Africans into the American continent ushered a new episode into the history of the continent, this group of immigrants later gained freedom with the abolition of slave trade and slavery in the continent…
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How did African American and Native Americans shape Colonial America and how were they shaped by Colonial America
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"How did African American and Native Americans shape Colonial America and how were they shaped by Colonial America"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, with their divergent social and cultural beliefs, the colonial America also contributed immensely in shaping the practises of both the two races. The twenty first century American culture can be highly attributed to the struggle and input of the black and Native Americans. The black Americans received a very hostile reception in which they were treated more like underdogs. They were barred from participating in societal activities, nor even serving in a position of authority above a white American. Random killing by racial groups became an order of the day for the black Americans. However, despite the bleak future that faced them, the African Americans changed the course of their history and that of the continent for good. The fight that the African American embraced enabled them to change from being the American slaves and workers to being the American citizens, this became the basis of democratic struggle in colonial America. Despite of the weaknesses that nature presented them with, the African Americans embody the true struggle of democratic freedom and equality for all Americans (Breen and Innes 74). According to Breen and Innes 77, the eastern shores of Virginia developed during the colonial America because of the black presence. ...
son, known mostly as ‘Antony the Negro’ is used by the authors to illustrate the spirit of hard work and struggle that the black Americans cultivated. He had a great ability to interact with other whites setting the pace for cross-cultural relations and friendships (Breen and Innes 74). The notion of more property equals more freedom and power among the American people was also built by these interactions by Antony the Negro. The Native Indian population were subjected to the aggressive rule of the European colonisers. The arrival of the guest from the west meant a complete change of lifestyle and freedom within their society. The Indians were the original farmers in the American continent and this encouraged the Europeans to create agricultural settlements in the continent. As a result, the growth of farming and huge crop plantations in the continent was borrowed from the practises of the native Indians (Richter 84). The development of the slave trade and immigration of the blacks into the American continents traces its roots to the activities and cultures of the Native Americans. As the need for more raw agricultural materials grew, the need for more strong and hardy workers developed. Africans became the only alternative due to their vulnerability and the European invasion at the time. The Indian Americans were also considered weak as compared to the blacks, this is how the native Indians shaped the history of the colonial America (Richter 90). Colonial America was characterised by a number of activities that defined the behaviours of the native and African Americans way of life. The mass movements of the population from the African continent into a new land and life marked transition in the lives of the black Africans. From a completely different cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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