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How the French and Indian War affected the outcome of the 7 years war - Research Paper Example

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The French and Indian War in the Larger Seven Years’ War Research Paper Name of of University Introduction The French and Indian War significantly influenced the outcome of the Seven Years’ War. The war transformed the social, political, and economic relationship between France, Great Britain, their colonists and colonies, and the indigenous peoples that populated the lands they invaded…
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How the French and Indian War affected the outcome of the 7 years war
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"How the French and Indian War affected the outcome of the 7 years war"

Download file to see previous pages Overview Even though the root of the conflict in Europe was the competition between Austria and Prussia for possession of Silesia, the prevailing subject of the clash between France and Britain was power over trade and commerce with the colonies in North America, Africa, and India.1 The specific target of both these nations was the very lucrative Atlantic trade system. This trade system transported slaves from Africa to the New World to work in the cultivation of specific agricultural goods, such as lumber, cotton, rice, and sugar.2 The raw materials were afterward transported to Europe for manufacturing and consumption. Processed goods that were not bought in Europe were returned to the American colonies and Africa for another trade or use.3 Although France controlled the production of sugar in the Caribbean, Britain supervised the goods produced in the North American colonies. The same competition between the two nations was present in India for cotton, spices, and tea. This economic competition between Britain and France in North America motivated the Seven Years’ War.4 By 1753, French colonists had started inhabiting the Ohio River Valley. The French had strong, positive ties with the Native Americans and aimed to enhance trading relations with them. The British settlers, who refused to be restricted to the Atlantic coastal areas, saw this French attempt as a danger to westward expansion and responded with aggression.5 Virginia’s governor deployed a group of mercenaries headed by George Washington to support the British cause in the Ohio River Valley and to contest the attempts of France toward expansion. Constructing a small fortification nearby modern-day Pittsburgh, the militia of Washington failed in their attempt to assault the French at Fort Duquesne.6 The British forces were resisted and pushed to retreat to their fort, where the French attacked them. After incurring heavy casualties, Washington was compelled to lay down arms. This fight is regarded to be the first of the French-Indian part of the Seven Years’ War.7 With the collaboration between France and the natives in North America, the battle emerged quickly in Europe. In early 1756, through the Convention of Westminster, Britain took Prussia as its ally. The French directly allied with Austria. The coalitions of the War of Austrian Succession were upturned, with Prussia and Britain going against Austria and France.8 Sweden and Russia eventually entered the Franco-Austrian coalition. The influence of the French-Indian War on the outcome of the Seven Years’ War was worldwide. The impact of the war was also enduring, with its consequences still felt and seen in the 21st century.9 The French and Indian War Implication for the Seven Years’ War Because of the war, both Britain and France incurred heavy financial loses at the end of the Seven Years’ War, with serious long-term consequences. The war further raised the national debt of Britain. The Crown, trying to find ways to settle the debt, obliged its colonies to pay additional taxes.10 The colonies responded to these measures with more intense resistance, until forces were deployed to make sure that the Crown’s agents could safely carry out their obligations. These steps finally resulted in the American Revolutionary War. Likewise, the financial problem and military ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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