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How does the experience of colonialism and post-colonial migration, diaspora, racism, exclusion and marginalisation affect the c - Essay Example

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How the Experience of Colonialism and Post-Colonial Migration, Diaspora, Racism, Exclusion and Marginalisation Affects the Construction of Racial Identity Introduction When most African, Asian, and Oceanic nations were granted their independence by their colonial masters in the 1950s and 60s, many citizens of these geographical regions were ecstatic because they presumed that with the removal of the colonial yoke, they would be able to benefit from the natural resources of their nations without having to share them with the colonialists…
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How does the experience of colonialism and post-colonial migration, diaspora, racism, exclusion and marginalisation affect the c
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Download file to see previous pages This is particularly evident among the African peoples who were colonised and enslaved- in the case of African Americans. The Effects of Colonialism Colonialism enforced the powerful ideology of the existence of racially inferior and superior tribes through its operations in Oceania, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. All over the world today, there is a lot of conflict that is taking place in the nations that were colonised by Western European nations. According to Meredith (2005), many scholars believe that these conflicts are mostly the result of colonial policies that established territorial boundaries, the unfair treatment of native populations in colonies, the unfair distribution of wealth from national resources, and the privileging of some ethnic populations over others. The colonialists also formed non-democratic governmental systems which further disenfranchised the local populations. Since the decade that saw the independence of many colonised nations, many people from the colonised populations have relocated to the nations from which their colonisers came from so as to benefit from a better way of life or to work and send money to their dependents in their native nations. While many of these people relocate in order to find jobs that will make them more financially capable, the fact is that they also carry a ‘colonial mentality’ and identify more with the colonial masters than their own colleagues in their nations of origin. This would explain why these members of the Diaspora continue to live in Western European nations even when they are exposed to constant taunts and even physically threatened. The Arrival of the Colonialists The arrival of Europeans on Africa’s shores more than 200 years ago was marked by serious changes to the demographics in many African nations. In many West African communities, people were taken against their will to work in plantations in Northern and Southern America as slaves. After the abolition of the slave trade, European nations would quickly lay claim to the resources of different nations in Africa and Asia (Kymlicka 2007). The peoples of the colonised lands were largely ignored and forced to live in reservations while their lands were pillaged by the invaders who could do so because they had more, in terms of military warfare, than their victims. This factor alone greatly affected the mind frame of the colonised peoples. African and Asian cultural identity was largely attacked, discredited, and destroyed through these invasive acts. The invasion by the colonialists was also backed by the activities of the missionaries who discredited cultural practices as being barbaric and retrogressive in spite of the protests voiced by different African communities. This resulted in the large scale erosion of Asian, but primarily African cultural identities. The colonised people began to feel alienated from not just themselves, but also from their lands which were being appropriated by strangers. Africans, Asians, and other colonised peoples would start viewing a new their own points of view about their religions, social arrangements, and cultural practices. Colonialism’s legacies still affect people today. Colonialism relegated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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