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Rise of fascism and communism - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Dates The Rise of Fascism and Communism Fascism is a system of governance whereby one leader is vested with all the authorities of dictating everything and at the same time oppressing the efforts of opposition, criticism, strictly controlling the industrial firms and putting emphasis on an aggressive nation…
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Rise of fascism and communism
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"Rise of fascism and communism"

Download file to see previous pages In many different ways, fascism and communism possessed quite a number of contradicting principles, but at long last they became authoritative political frameworks that were controlled by one person in charge (Merriman, 2010, Pg. 56). Communism was concerned with ensuring that there is equality in the economy, fascism is concerned with the magnificence of the nation and the power that depicted through conquest and violent behavior. Both political systems begun from Europe and gradually but steadily became popular during the early times of the 20th century. The countries that witnessed fascism were: Italy during the reign of Mussolini, Germany under the leadership of Hitler, Hungary between the years 1944 – 1945, Spain under the leadership of Franco and Romania between the year 1940 -1941 under the leadership of the Iron Guard. The start of this century witnessed a different form of the political environment in the nations of the West. The past century, the 19th century, had witnessed the industrial uprising substitute farming. This change was accompanied by dynamic changes in political, social, and shifts in the demography. People who were concentrated in rural areas seriously busy with agriculture whereby they grew crops and reared animals changed their lifestyles and migrated to urban centers and towns. In the urban centers, they got employment in the industries and factories. The industrial movement generated a lot of capital and consequently propagated cultural alienation and divisions among community members in regard to wealth. Some of the revolutions aiming at better living standards and improved working environments were witnessed in many countries. Many of these revolutions were initiated by leaders who pursued deep-seated visions on what the community should be (Merriman, John M, 2010, Pg. 45). In the year 1930, when fascism and communism arose in the Western countries, and the spreading out of the empires of Italy and Germany and the extension of the empire of Japan in Asia show the United States of America shift from isolationism policy to support local partners and protect democracy. The United States of America openly got involved in World War 2 immediately after Japan attacked the harbor of Pearl. The fascism of Europe, which started when Germany turned to Hitler who was an extremist, turned to be more powerful in the 1930s under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Mussolini had the capability and ability to unite the country with a vision of gaining their territories they had lost. Communism had commenced rising during the time of Joseph Stalin when he succeeded the Soviet Communist. In the year 1939, under the governance of Joseph Stalin, the union of Soviet and Germany signed a deal of aggression. From this time, Germany did not fear of fighting. Communism and fascism were portrayed as a system of governance that was posing threats to democracy. Later on, Italy, Germany collaborated with Japan to form an alliance (Merriman, 2010, Pg. 63). Their empire was greatly expanded by the year 1941. Germany had attacked Poland and the same time Italy conquered Sudan, Egypt and the entire North of Africa. Japan succeeded in her conquest and expanded its territory into China. This revolution did not only create threats to democracy but also countries like Holland, United States of America, France and Britain were also threatened. At this particular point, the involvement of the United States ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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