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How far can it be argued that German Nazism was just one example of a more general European fascism Discuss with particular r - Essay Example

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Nazism as one of the genera European fascisms Name: Institution: Introduction Fascism in the study of political science and history refers to a radical nationalist movement that just as any other seeks to unify the people in either a country or an identifiable region through their common identity…
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How far can it be argued that German Nazism was just one example of a more general European fascism Discuss with particular r
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"How far can it be argued that German Nazism was just one example of a more general European fascism Discuss with particular r"

Download file to see previous pages Fascism was a common in the early European community, which thrived on the use of hostility against liberal democracy, communism and sociology. While the different forms of fascism in the early European nations differed, they share a number of ideologies some of which validated the German Nazism as one of such. Nazism is an acronym referring to the National Socialism. It was an early political ideology largely practiced in Germany among other regions in the early European community. Despite its widespread practice, the German Nazism was more prominent owing to its radical form of governance and its conspicuous portrayal as a form of fascism movement2. Nazism in Germany evolved progressively from the Pan Germanism a radical political movement that sought to unify Germans under a common identity and shared a common dislike for communism. The movement therefore fought against the spread of communism in the post First World War Germany. It was a radical movement that openly used racism as a means of unify the people of common interests compelling them to share a common goal and therefore strive for its attainment3. For such reasons and for the strategic management of the German Nazism, the movement therefore portrayed itself not just as a major political movement that resulted in the creation of the modern day Germany but a fascist movement that would use any amount of force for the attainment of its common interest4. The movement used far right racisms against people it did not consider legitimate Germans. The level of racism in Germany was far right implying the highest level of racism in any society5. It allowed for the domination of the society by a race commonly considered superior. The movement sought to defend the national interest through the effective protection of the interests of those it thought legitimate citizens. Those considered inferior therefore faced intense discrimination, which culminated in the mass murder of more than six million Jews in the society, the holocaust. The Nazi Germany led by its radical leader, Adolf Hitler authorized the development of more than four thousand facilities, which it used to hold concentrate, hold and kill the more than six million Jews. Id doing this, the state sponsored murder began by killing children and women an effective mechanism through which it could systematically eliminate an entire race. By eliminating the women and children first, the government ensured that it contained the population increase of the race since it is only through the women and the children that the race could safeguard its future. For the time being, the government permitted the use of the Jews men as slaves in the plantations and other facilities that belonged to the legitimate Germans, the Nazis. The Nazi government used the genocide as a means of consolidating the country’s resources to the Nazis. It was a perfect method of eliminating competition and conflict of interest thereby resulting in a country with common interest. The government termed the mass killings as a solution to the Jews problem6. Apparently, the Jews a religious grouping and therefore an ethnic community, which often opposed the authoritarian Nazi government. It therefore presented a substantial opposition to the effective governance of the country. With a population of more than seven million people, it was a minority group but occupied a sizable piece of land in the country that the government thought best befitted the Nazis7. Additionally, their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Far Can It Be Argued That German Nazism Was Just One Example of a Essay)
How Far Can It Be Argued That German Nazism Was Just One Example of a Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1478350-how-far-can-it-be-argued-that-german-nazism-was.
“How Far Can It Be Argued That German Nazism Was Just One Example of a Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1478350-how-far-can-it-be-argued-that-german-nazism-was.
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