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The Main Features of Fascist Political Thought - Research Paper Example

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This research presents an analysis of fascism in Italy and will explore the main features of fascist political thought. This authoritarian political movement of fascism evolved during a period of widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo following the end of World War I. …
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The Main Features of Fascist Political Thought
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Download file to see previous pages An astute critic of the fascist political doctrine, renowned political historian Eric Hobsbawm, once asked the question, “Was not the proverbial argument in favor of fascist Italy that Mussolini made the trains run on time?”1. Significantly, fascism was a political ideology which was far more complex than this prominent British historian suggests. With the aim of exploring the main features of this political movement through an in-depth case study, this essay aims to be holistic in scope. The following now turns to an analysis of fascism in Italy and will explore the main features of fascist political thought.
An authoritarian political movement which evolved during the early half of the twentieth century, fascism was the dominant political ideology in Italy for more than two decades. Championed by the ever charismatic torchbearer of this new and increasingly powerful political movement, Benito Mussolini brought fascism to the forefront of Italian politics by tapping into widespread social discontent following World War I. This following will explore the fascist movement and look at the factors which led to its emergence in Italy during the 1920s. The March on Rome was a significant event which effectively legitimized the fascist doctrine with dramatic domestic as well as international ramifications. Once in power, an analysis of the transformation of Italian society sought by the fascist government will be followed by an overview of how these changes impacted the lives of regular Italians. Finally, overseas expansion and the geopolitical role of Italy under the regime of Benito Mussolini will be discussed in depth.2
Arguably the most important political movement to grow out of Italy in the twentieth century, fascism arose in response to a variety of domestic and international factors following World War I.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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