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Hitlers Propaganda and Principles of Fascism - Essay Example

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This reflection paper, Hitler’s Propaganda and Principles of Fascism, will use a propaganda poster to analyze Hitler’s success in using the principles of fascism to promote his rise to power during World War I. Adolf Hitler acted as German’s political and military leader between 1933 and 1945. …
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Hitlers Propaganda and Principles of Fascism
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"Hitlers Propaganda and Principles of Fascism"

Download file to see previous pages Fascism is the extreme dictatorial political ideology. It has several defining principles and characteristics. This study will mainly focus on Hitler’s use of nationalism, authoritarianism, and social solidarity. Nationalism aims at viewing a nation as of one single organic entity bonded together by the same ancestry as the natural unifying force. According to Zimmer, this force often manifests itself in a nation purification desire of all foreign influences resulting to racism as depicted in the Nazi rule of Germany. Fascism also supports social unity and collective national societies.
The poster presented in Figure 1 will be used to analyze Hitler’s use of fascism to promote his rise to power during World War I (WWI). It was portrayed by the people that help themselves Winter Fund in 1933. It projects a genetically healthy family as the nucleus of the nation.
The consequences of the Great Depression of early 1930’s negatively affected the economic and political environments of Germany causing them to collapse. This presented Adolf Hitler with a spanking political aptitude to develop and instill political power through taking advantage of the weakened political and economic systems. Hitler devised the use of his Nazi Party as the main tool of leading Germans into the mass movement. He hoped that the strategy, together with the combination of the popular support he enjoyed from the masses would thrust him to enjoy political power and authority.
In Nazi Germany, Hitler introduced a campaign against food and hunger through the winter relief charity that operated under Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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