How Greek Political Experience Shaped Western Tradition - Essay Example

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The origins of civilization came about as a result of the spread of western culture mannerism across the entire world. This brought about the education acquisition system which involved class attendance and the introduction of online and technological learning…
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How Greek Political Experience Shaped Western Tradition
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"How Greek Political Experience Shaped Western Tradition"

Download file to see previous pages The Greeks theoretical perspectives were however a contradictory to the whole process of western mannerisms and characterization. The Greek political style, which was mainly based on philosophical theories developed by various individuals and personalities at various levels of outstanding academic positions were however put into practical perspectives by the incumbent western practical system. Western education and civilization aspects aspired to prove and disprove the Greek philosophical theories on a practical basis as opposed to the empirical perspectives taken by the Greek systems (Clark, 118). A lot of convergence points have been noted in comparing the two perspectives besides many divergence points with regard to the content and manner of application of the two systems. This paper will look at the effects of the Greek political experience in shaping the western tradition. The pioneers of the Greek philosophical politics were mainly philosophers who believed that philosophy formed the most important part in the development of various nations across the globe and that the adoption of the philosophical point of view is the sole way through which one can be able to discern the most effective leadership perspectives and arouse efficient and effective ruling system. The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle argued in support for this by asserting that a society that is ruled by philosophers is indeed the excellent society as far as the economic development and the exercise of justice and democracy to the entire population under a given rule or government is concerned. The Americans have for a long time argued that they are at the center of western civilization and that they have all the rights to protect the west from any form of interference from outside which might hinder her global propagation. As Minogue notes, courses in western civilization in most of the American universities were treated and taught with a lot of concern given their importance in the land. He further asserts that the 1950s saw the widespread regard for the western traditions and education across all leading American and European universities which wanted to identify themselves with and promote the western education systems as well as promote the western culture all over the world (Minogue, 9). Traced back from the ancient times, history reveals that the western traditions that are currently strongly held in most American lands in the present age trace their origins from the three main ancient sources in human history. These include: the Greece and Roman classical cultures, the Christian religion, especially the onset of Christianity which was closely associated with the western culture and traditions and finally the enlightenment of the modern era which has actually adopted virtually every aspect of the western culture and mannerisms. Historical accounts put together by some scholars record show that the Greece had a major contribution in shaping the western culture by bringing in the republican aspect in the political realms while the Romans contributed the idea of building empires among various nations across the globe. Similarly, the Greece as well contributed in setting the idea of liberty through her philosophical means while the Roman culture and mannerism contributed at the same time in formulating the terms that are used in law and the use of law in the exercise of justice and democracy to the citizens of a country. Of notable concern is the contributions made by Christianity as a medium for divine intervention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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