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Rituals and Rites: Shaping the Psyche Indian, American , Korean - Essay Example

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Abstract: Human development through ages has significantly given great emphasis to psyche, which is the collective impressions of the mind both conscious and unconscious determining the mental and the emotional aspects of human life. The collective impressions are shaped by memories, experiences, rituals and rites observed over a period of time…
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Rituals and Rites: Shaping the Psyche Indian, American , Korean
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Extract of sample "Rituals and Rites: Shaping the Psyche Indian, American , Korean"

Download file to see previous pages How is a western mind different from the eastern mind, in the way it responds to external stimuli Can this psyche be restructured or recreated with new exposure and new experience. Is it possible to open the doors of mind and its impressions which settle in the consciousness
Introduction: The psyche is the essence of the person in totality, the physical, social, mental and emotional factors shaping and reshaping the personality with experiences and impressions. The Ritual and rites, of a particular culture has considerable role in shaping of the personality. They vary greatly on the surface across the globe. They play a very subtle and significant role in determining the natural reflexes and responses of the human being. The exposure and the experiences of the early formative years shape the characteristic of the personality, which determines the psyche, relations and the environment.. The focus of my comparative study is Indian culture, and how it shapes the psyche determines the personality development, relational pattern and behaviors. Every culture has a series of ritual and rites, which are performed at birth, death and the rite of passage for adolescence. They cover the whole span of human life from birth until death, passing through the adolescence. These rituals are the chords of connection to the roots of tradition which shapes the mind and controls the subtle aspects of the personality. One of the Indian psychoanalysts, Sudhir Kakar, while dealing with personality development in India remarks that "psychological themes and personal identity in India should consider the interplay between universal process of human development and the Indian cultural milieu. The influences of the cultural milieu include not only the socio-political and relational realms but also religious convictions, faith traditions, and rituals and practices". (George, 2005)
Section I Indian Culture: Indian culture is marked by its spiritual strength derived mainly from its long history and traditional practice of rituals as part of religious practice, faith in mythology, elaborate rituals and well defined rites. The influences which these exposure and experiences have are very subtle and strong. These have deep impact in the complex shaping of the personality, its traits for fulfillment and contentment. They provide the basis of connection between the real world and the relational symbolic world.
Indian culture is marked by its secular characteristic, where there is existence of different religions practicing different rituals and rites, shaping the characteristics of a particular group of the people in that segment. The religion plays a very definite role in defining the set of practices which are followed in harmony with nature and stages of life. The variety of exposure to differing rituals adds complexity and range of unpredictable regional traits. In India there is existence of Hindu rituals, Muslim rituals, Christian rituals, Jain rituals, Sikh rituals and Zoroastrian rituals. All these ritual and rite are the key practices of these religions shaping the belief and the faith of the individual person. The Indian life is merged with the religious life, influencing the complex formation of individual's personality. (RITUALS)
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