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There was an elaborate system of juries, which was the basic institution of government, and the civil offices were filled through an…
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Answering 10 questions regarding the Greeks from myth to reason
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History and political science Answering 10 questions regarding the Greeks from myth to reason What were the basic featuresand limitations of Greek democracy?
The features of Greek democracy entail the eligibility of male citizens to attend the Assembly, and retention of ultimate political authority. There was an elaborate system of juries, which was the basic institution of government, and the civil offices were filled through an election or lottery, though there was a rotation system in these offices with limited terms. On the other hand, the limitations of the Greek democracy is attributed to lack of citizenship extension to most of its inhabitants, practice of slavery, denying women their political rights, and denying citizenship to aliens who conducted city’s commerce.
2) How did Greek political life demonstrate both the best and the worst features of freedom as well as both the capabilities and limitations of reason?
The Greek political life demonstrates the best features of freedom through the perception that democracy can be considered a civic freedom, whereby there is direct participation of citizens. However, Greek political life demonstrates the best features of freedom through a requisite idea that freedom depends on restraining powers of the government. In this case, the capability of these reasons is related to the development of constitutionalism, while the limitation is the decline of civil freedom.
3) Why is the Greek political experience crucial to the shaping of the western tradition?
Most of the Greek political experience was borrowed by the western worlds through the interaction related to trade, thereby making the political experience substantial to the western world in order for them to shape their political system in a way that could foster democracy.
4) How did the per-Socratic thinkers make the transition from myth to reason?
The process commenced when some thinkers rejected mythical explanations for the natural phenomena, whereby they broke the mythopoetic perception of the Near East, and conceived a new way of viewing the nature and society that was based on the western scientific philosophical traditions (Marvin, Chase, Jacob, and Jacob, 74).
5) How did the sophists and Socrates advance the tradition of reason and humanism?
The Sophists and Socrates advanced the tradition of reason and humanism through the standards of living at the early stages, due to an obligation of banding themselves together into communities that had moral standards and laws.
6) What do Plato and Aristotle have in common? How do they differ?
Both Plato and Aristotle were considered the greatest Greeks-Socrates, and they also shared philosophical attitudes such as scepticism, and a mistrust of possibility of absolute knowledge. Moreover, both of them applied this skepticism in their life to foster the rise of moral and political philosophy in Greece in an atmosphere of scepticism. However, unlike Aristotle, Plato was more positive, and he reproduced his master’s teachings and decided to carry them to a stage further.
7) How did Greek drama, art, and historiography contribute to the tradition of reason and humanism?
The Greek drama, art and historiography contributed to the tradition of reason and humanism through the rise of new classes that was referred to as Sophists, who were professions and itinerant teachers, whereby they offered guidance in the practical affairs, hence they increased the opportunity of participating in the practical politics.
8) What are the basic differences between the Hellenic and Hellenistic ages?
Hellenic ages relate to the impact of the Greek civilization on the other time periods such as Medieval period and Renaissance and it was a period that is attributed to invention of philosophy, while Hellenistic ages relates to the Ancient Greeks between 323 BCE and 146 BCE.
9) What prescription did each of the Hellenistic philosophies offer for achieving happiness?
The prescription of the Hellenistic philosophies focused on reasons instead of the quest for truth. Moreover, the philosophers in this era had a basic regard for reasons as a way of solving problems, though they denied the possibility of acquiring the truth.
10) What is the enduring significance of Stoicism for the modern world?
Stoicism was the most significant and enduring philosophy that was established from the Greeks and Romans, and it is known for a contribution to the moral philosophy. It has also been acknowledged for the contribution that is recognized through the work in logic, grammar, philosophy of language and epistemology.
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