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U.S Policies towards Iran Name Institution Tutor Date U.S Policies towards Iran Economic sanctions have been in use as a tool of foreign policy for over 2,500 years. Sanctions are tools used by governments to influence other nations to adopt their policies…
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US Policy Towards Iran
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"US Policy Towards Iran"

The U.S policy against Iran reached its climax in 2005 when Ahmadinejad won the presidency. The U.S government dispatched battle ships to the Persian Gulf, seized Iranian agents in Iraq, and intensified its campaign to constraint Iranian access to the international economy. The criticism of Tehran by Washington has spilled over to the streets and into learning institutions. Academic experts, the press, and leaders of several institutions in America have differing explanations for the causes and effects of these sanctions, but the government is strategizing on how to increase pressure on Iran. The events of 11th September 2001 changed the relationship between the U.S and the Middle East. The Iranian response to the terror attack was viewed as sympathetic. The Iranian government has also been criticized for being sympathetic to Afghan Taliban forces. During the Afghanistan war, Iranians provided the coalition forces with intelligence and did not intervene directly to end the war. This intensified the hostility between Iran and the Bush Administration. Iran has also continuously supported the Palestine government in its conflict with Israel. The U.S government makes policies against Iran in order to reduce the likelihood of war between Israel and Iran. Iran has the power to exploit the changing Arab environment in the Middle East, which would cause instability in the region. The sanctions imposed on Iran by Washington aim at polarizing the Iranian campaign to ensure stability in the region (Kegley and Raymond, 2012). The main source of hostility between U.S and Iran has been the participation of the Iranian in nuclear weapons projects. Iran’s interest in nuclear activities dates back to the 1950’s, and the country reasserted its nuclear program after the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988. This became a great concern for the U.S government that imposed the first sanctions in the 1990s. The U.S government accuses Iran of pursuing a uranium enrichment program. Most of the research activities are done on weapons and are conducted in military bases (Wright, 2007). This has convinced the U.S government that the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons, which pose great danger to the national security of America. Arab uprising in the Middle East and the hostile relations between Israel and Iran could become disastrous if Iran develops nuclear weapons. The U.S government has imposed economic sanctions to limit funding to the Iranian nuclear projects. Iran fiercely opposes several current long-term objectives of NATO, which is led by USA. The Iranian government promotes a governance system that contradicts the interests of NATO. Iran opposes systematic use of torture, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and peaceful coexistence in the international system (Parsi, 2007). NATO and the U.S have to seek influence over Iran in order to pursue their objectives without resistance. Iran remains disparated to the peace progression in the Middle East that is led by USA. The NATO alliance aims at establishing a long-term peace deal between Israel and its Arab neighbors. NATO has to protect Turkey and Norway, who are its member states. Iran protects and provides the Kurdish fighters in Turkey with weapons and training camps. The U.S government and NATO members consider Iran as a safe territory for Turkish fighters who have caused instability and terrorism in the country (Taylor, 2010). The sanctions and policies imposed by America on Iran have eroded the possibility of Read More
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