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Changes in National Security Policy with Iran in the Bush and Obama Administration - Research Paper Example

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National Security policy or strategy is prepared by the US government which identifies and emphasizes the concerns of the US regarding national security and how the government plans to tackle those concerns in the international arena. The objective of this piece of research is…
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Changes in National Security Policy with Iran in the Bush and Obama Administration
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Extract of sample "Changes in National Security Policy with Iran in the Bush and Obama Administration"

Download file to see previous pages The US government has changed the foreign policy after the incident of 9/11 2001. Before 9/11 the US policy aimed at creating a protective shield for the prevention of terror attacks on the US soil or people by organized terror groups such as al-Qaeda which has been notorious for being a creation of the CIA and other mass propagandized organizations having origins in the Middle East. After 9/11 the US has changed its foreign policy aiming for active pre emptive military intervention in the targeted nations and pursued a war having no end. The war on terror drama is now set to targeting Iran on the accusation, yet to be proven, that the Theocracy has nuclear ambitions despite the assurances given by Tehran that the country has no ambitions to possess nuclear weapons and only pursues nuclear power for productive purposes.
Iran has been considered a hostile state by the US since the last three decades. Ever since the Islamic revolution took place in Iran in 1979 the foreign and national security policies issued by all the presidents of the US till today contained plans and strategies for tackling with Iran as threat to the security of the USA.
The security policy of the US government of Iran has been more or less consistent for the last ten years and continues to be so. The national security policy under Bush administration and Obama administration is reviewed in this article and analyzed to reach a reliable conclusion indicating clearly the intent and plan of action of the US government towards Iran which is subject to international sanctions and pressure from the international community including the political and economic powers of modern day. The audience for this work of research includes students of politics, international relations, and other related fields of study along with many other individuals who happen to have interest in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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