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Insert name Professor Course Date Chapter 16 American industrialization after the Civil War A combination of different factors made the United States an established industrial economy after the Civil War. These factors can also be attributed to the role they played in the 1865 victory in the War…
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American Industrialization after the Civil War
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"American Industrialization after the Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages This period marked the start of the big budgets of federal government and direct governmental liaisons with the corporate sector, especially those that expanded the railroad lines and other infrastructures. Railroads had immensely contributed in Union victory, hauling supplies and ferrying servicemen. Foner avers that the “second industrial revolution” was achieved with limited government interference in the corporate sector affairs; businesses developed through self-regulation (512). Civil War had taught the average citizens that real economic emancipation would be achieved if everyone played his or her role as required, especially in demanding moments, such as grappling with water privation and power rationing as well as taking up the arms to defend national goals. The short but often severe conflict taught Americans to not only exercise stoicism, but persevere in order to realize sound economic goals. As the country achieved better economic growth and industrialization transformed the nature of American ideology, the society achieved the growth of middle class, and a generation unique innovations within the industries. The country joined forces in the wake of strong government support, a steady supply of labor and a spirit of sacrifice and determination to achieve a mature industrialized society. Gilded Age political system The Gilded Age saw an ineffective political system that failed to effectively meet its goals, despite the fact that the period experienced remarkable economic and social transformations, which required the input of the political leadership. Although, some political figures made significant contribution during this period in an effort to tackle the challenges faced by the society, most national goals went unattended. The failure of the political leadership can be attributed to a larger proportion of the national leaders, who abandoned their call to formulate good policies for the country, maybe because they ascended to office due to their financial muscle, rather than ideology. The “Politics in a Gilded Age” according to Foner, saw influential businessmen control state institutions from the private sector platforms, to the chagrin of public good (523). The political parties in the Gilded Age were divided by parochial interest. The era was marked by rampant corrupt practices in the political system, a culture that presently would be classified as grand corruption, was the order of the day. Businessmen wantonly bought public officers at all levels of government. Political machinations turned democratic elections into a sham, hence denying voters rightful and deserving leaders. The slim majority between Republican and Democratic political parties made both sides unwilling to make good policies for the good of the country for fear of losing political support. In a nutshell, political accountability in the use of public funds; and few legislations passed by Congress drew the country back in terms of socio-economic progress. The outcome was that the country made slight achievement of national goals. The Gilded Age and American Freedom According to Foner, “freedom in the Gilded Age,” was a significant aspect of the era (528). The economic growth of the Gilded Age impacted American freedom in the labor market and the running of business in the country. The period influenced the development of a liberal market, with decreased tariffs, affordable taxes, and low inflation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The united states after the civil war
As a matter of fact, there are only a few nations in the world history that have transformed as rapidly as the United States from a relatively isolated, agrarian, rural, and backward nation into one of the most industrially advanced pluralistic and urban societies in the world.
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It is presumed that issues that were brought about by sectionalism were the main propelling factors that drove the United States into the civil war. This was due to the expansion of territories in the nation that was forcing the nation to question on whether issue of settlement in the country were to be considered from the point of slavery or freedom.
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Immigration to America after the Civil War
The basis of the war had economical motivations related to the use of slaves for labor. The war ceased in 1865 and immediately immigration dynamics were completely changed, immigrations to the United States increased tremendously (Digital History 1). The rise was attributed to several factors motivated by the need to stabilize the economy and balance demand and supply.
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Analyse and assess the factors behind the motivation of American soldiers in the Civil War
President 11 slave states of the south declared that they are separated from United States and have created the Confederate States of America. The other 25 states decided to remain with the federal government. The Civil war continued for four years and ended up with the surrendering of the confederacy and outlaw of slavery across the United States.
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These factors affect and determine the rates of industrialization for a particular country. This explains the reasons as to why there are varying levels and rates of industrialization in different countries all over the world. For instance, states like the US and Germany have made considerable strides in industrialization and these are comparable to other countries such as the Soviet Union, Japan, China and the UK.
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American Civil War Essay
(Roark, et al; page 369). "Slaves took the first steps toward making the war for Union also a war for freedom. For the first 18 months of the war, Union soldiers sought solely to uphold the Constitution and preserve the nation. But with the Emancipation Proclamation, the Northern war effort took on a dual purpose: to save the Union and to free the slaves." (Roark, et al; Page 370) The Civil War mobilized "the entire populations of North and South, and produced battles that fielded 200,000 soldiers and created casualties in the tens of thousands" (Roark, et al; page 370).
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