Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper - Coursework Example

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It is known to have started in the early 1800’s and continued steadily up to the end of the American civil war. At the end of the civil war, the growth of America in relation to manufacturing…
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Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Machines were a major part of nearly all production processes. The new railway system which covered most parts of the country helped in the distribution of goods and services all over the country in a more efficient manner. From this invention of a nationwide network of rail, entrepreneurs and inventors were able to introduce new products into the market. (Backer, 2014).
The following are the main events that have transitioned to take place after the civil war. A shift from hand labor to machine work, invention of new chemical and iron production processes, improved generation of hydro power and changed from wood to biofuels and later to use of coal.
Industrialization also comes with about with some social effects to the communitythat mainly involves the population suffering from severe reduction in their shared living standards in general. Theseare as a result of the fact that there is demand of labor.There are few slots of work, and the salaries these people will get will becheapand these give rise to a decrease in their living standards thus resulting to the emergence of places like slums.
During the second half of the 19th century when there was construction of the railway and widening of industries, the growth of metropolitan areas appears to develop at an accelerated rate which promotes mechanization. (Kindleberger, 1993)
After the growth of industries and improved rates of manufacturing, the nation in general experienced the appearance of cities and a significant commitment to wage labor. At some time, slavery expansion and a strain in society culture are also felt,therefore, the most affected groups or people in the industrial revolution happened to the following people, farmers, planters and slakes. More of these people were forced to the ranks of labor that are available in the industries. Many of these people got prosperity and due to the changes they shifted to the middle class of the economic level.
The industrialization age may seem like a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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