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Partition after Civil Wars - Research Paper Example

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The Holy Land Divided: Defending Partition as a solution to ethnic wars Research Question The author has attempted to explore the question of whether the partition could result into the permanent solution for the ethnic conflicts and wars. By questioning the argument of maintaining multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities, author has suggested that civil and ethnic conflicts make it difficult for the nations and States to rebuild the same type of society…
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Partition after Civil Wars
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"Partition after Civil Wars"

Download file to see previous pages The resulting settlements of the issue after the bloody civil wars can often result into further bloodshed. Breakout of the State as a result of the ethnic issues therefore can put different ethnicities against each other and make the overall experiment worse because of the ease with which methods like ethnic cleansing can be adapted. What is also significant to understand that author has critically argued that in order to avoid ethnic civil wars, it is important that partition should be considered as one of the viable policy alternative. This argument is based on the assumptions that the ethnic conflicts have almost similar dynamics thus making it difficult to put back the multi-ethnic state in same state as before the war. Independent and Dependent Variables A closer analysis of the article would suggest that author has attempted to create link between the ethnic conflicts and civil wars with the partition. As such the dependent variable is the partition of the geographical areas whereas the achievement of peace and lack of conflict as a result of the ethnic conflict as an independent variable. ...
Case studies are often based upon an in-depth analysis of certain events, groups or individuals and as such can provide a comprehensive overview of subjects under review. Author has provided comprehensive details of the different ethnic conflicts which took place and the results of their settlement. Author has also used survey of the existing literature to present a theoretical analysis of the overall context of the ethnic conflicts and their solutions. Survey of existing literature also offers a valid theoretical platform based on which author can actually build the theoretical foundations for the research undertaken. By citing various examples from history author has actually been successful in providing a comprehensive overview of how the different negotiating settlements failed due to non-partition based solutions to the problem of ethnic conflicts. Conclusion This article is comprehensive in the sense that it has offered a very comprehensive overview of the historical accounts of the different ethical and cultural conflicts. The overall theoretical foundations are set to discuss various approaches forwarded to resolve the multi-ethnic conflicts and how they failed to achieve the desired results. Author has adapted case study approach under which an overview of the different conflicts and their settlements. The overall conclusion of the article is that the partition can be one of the feasible policy alternatives to solve the ethnic conflicts and avoid civil wars. Are you convinced? Why? Though partition can be one of the key policy alternatives however, to get an overall acceptability of the same may remain one of the key challenges to such policy alternatives. In case such as Palestine and Israel where a separate State has been created for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil Wars
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