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The main goal of this essay is to describe the reason why the Confederates were defeated in the American Civil War. Furthermore, the writer of the essay would investigate how the outcome of the war dictated the further development of the United States…
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The American Civil War and Industrialization
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Download file to see previous pages One of the factors that worked in Lincoln’s favor was that he had able generals to make strategies for his war. War generals like Ulysses Grant pushed the advantage of numbers and artillery that they had over the Confederates to work in favor of the Unionists.
defensively and holding out as long as possible against the Unionists to let Lincoln know that the war was not worth the effort, it is countered by the fact that the unionists simply had resources that far outstripped those at available to the Confederates. Had the Confederates tried this approach, the Unionists would simply have redoubled the pressure until the South caved in. The unionists used their vast resources together with strategic planning to win the civil war (Schwab, 1901).
The only aspect of the reconstruction efforts that were started off by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 was that it led to the reunion of the Confederate states that had seceded with the rest of the country. The rest of the reconstruction effort was a sham that led to the manipulation of African Americans and the abuse of their civil and human rights (Elkins, 1976).
Though the Confederate states had redrawn their constitutions and accepted the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, the social structure of the South remained much the same. Once the federal troops had been withdrawn from the South in 1877, the white farmers and landowners took over. There was open discrimination practiced; there was passed the black codes and other legislation that not only hindered the blacks from voting, such as making African American pay to vote (Schwab, 1901).
Another way in which the African Americans remained slaves in practice but freemen on paper was by the practice of sharecropping by rich white farmers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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