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The period spanning 1865-1920 following the end of the Civil War in the United States experienced a rapid rate of industrialization and economic growth at an unprecedented rate. The industrialization during this period was a representation of the culmination of various factors…
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Industrialization After the Civil War Thesis and Outline
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American Industrialization after the Civil War Number Thesis The period spanning 1865-1920 following the end of the Civil War in the United States experienced a rapid rate of industrialization and economic growth at an unprecedented rate. The industrialization during this period was a representation of the culmination of various factors including expansion towards the west, advancements in technological developments, and immigration into the United States among others.
Major aspects of Industrialization during 1865-1920 that influenced U.S. (Bensel, 2000)
Boom of the railway transportation system that facilitated increase in the number of factories and development of improved methods of mass production of goods, which gave rise to emergence of big business
Influx in immigrant populations as the need for more labour intensified with the increase in number of factories
Increased rate of urbanization as more Americans lived in cities to work in the newly created industries
Groups that were mainly affected by industrialization (Clark, 2006; McConnaughy, 2013)
The period saw the emergence of women organizations as the major platforms for social and political reforms. The role played by middle-class women in the society changed as more women began to participate in philanthropic or charitable causes, formed clubs, and emphasized the need for social and political reforms, and got involved in the suffrage movement.
The business operation of farmers was significantly boosted since they had the requisite equipment. Better infrastructure opened up the markets, and improved standards of living meant that they had a ready demand
Native Americans were relocated, or forced to settle on assigned reservations. Native Indians were also forcefully assimilated into the American society
There was increased advocacy against child labour in American, which resulted in significant decrease in the number of children working in factories. Childhood on western farms changed significantly with the promotion of family interdependence. Children were encouraged on self-reliance, adaptability, and responsibility
The industrial workers were organized into unions that safeguarded their job security and wages. Prior to the formation of these unions, workers were forced to work longer hours for lower wages
Ways that industrialization affected the life of average working American during the period (Foy and Schlereth, 1992 )
Fundamental shifts in the work place with workers forced to work longer hours, decreased on-job safety, and a reduction in wages especially during business slumps
In the wake of competition from immigrant workers who were willing to work longer hours and for lower wages, workers formed labour unions. He major reasons for organized labour unions was to give the workers the powers over controlling the pace of production, gaining improved working conditions, and protecting job security
The emergence of organized labour unions also gave rise to mobilization of the workers into collective actions such as shutdowns, walkouts, and strikes
The standards of living were raised as mass production ensured that the goods available to the people were more in terms of quantity, variety, and were significantly affordable
Widening of the economic gap between the rich and poor, increase in corruption especially in political governance, and a rapid and permanent deterioration of the environment
Bensel, R. F. (2000). The political economy of American industrialization, 1877-1900.
Cambridge England: Cambridge University Press.
Clark, J. F. (2006). The Gilded Age. New York: Facts On File.
Foy, J. H., & Schlereth, T. J. (1992). American home life, 1880-1930: A social history of spaces
and services. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press
McConnaughy, C. M. (2013). The woman suffrage movement in America: A reassessment.
England: Cambridge University Press Read More
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