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Mitt Romney is the Best Choice for the Republican Nomination (2011) - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course December 31, 2011 Mitt Romney: Best Choice for the Republican Nomination Willard Mitt Romney is the son of the former Governor of Michigan, George Romney. He was inspired by his father’s influence. When George became Governor, Mitt served as an intern…
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Mitt Romney is the Best Choice for the Republican Nomination (2011)
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Download file to see previous pages Now he stands as a candidate for the Republican nomination to become President of the United States. This paper will identify qualities which best qualify him for this nomination, as well as qualities which might raise a question mark in the minds of the American public. Rivals for the nomination will be briefly considered. The central thesis of this paper is that Mitt Romney is, in fact, the best choice for the Republican nomination. America is in need of strong leadership, solid financial management, and thorough analysis of all sides of a variety of social, health, educational, economic, military, and moral issues which currently foster so much conflict domestically and internationally. Leadership is critical because it can lead to unity (collective identity and authentic negotiation) and survival (safety and prosperity). Solid financial management is critical because the economy is in bad shape; the national deficit is embarrassing; and in the course of meeting political priorities, families are homeless, freezing and starving on the streets. Analytic skills are vital in order to sort through competing priorities, introduce creative solutions which represent the interests of the people in a fair manner, and develop a strong base for success. Supporters and critics of Romney have identified him as a person with strong leadership skills. Hewitt asserts that Romney, a moderate, has “talent for politics and leadership,” beyond that of other politicians (4). Warring factions in the bipartisan political arena need an inspiring and influential leader, with the ability to unite opposing forces toward mutually beneficial goals. Mitt’s leadership ability is demonstrated in his distinguished accomplishments in private and public sectors. He redeemed the morale and credibility of the Salt Lake Olympics, in his capacity as event organizer. He garnered support from the public sector, private entities, and athletes, correcting past distortions in Salt Lake leadership (Westerbeek and Smith 44). Leadership is tested when there is a crisis, requiring quick analysis and resolution. Mitt’s ability to negotiate bipartisan concerns and influence the government was exhibited when he signed the bill for reformation of health care in Massachusetts (Foer 133). Mitt Romney’s formal education in management was acquired at Stanford University (two semesters), Brigham Young University (BA) and Harvard Law School (graduated Cum Laude) (Algiere 105). His management skills were further developed when he entered the Boston Consulting Group, and were polished as Vice President of Bain & Company and co-founder of Bain Capital (Algiere 105). Romney saved the shrinking company from bankruptcy, without employee dismissal. He compiled a profit of over $100 million during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. He has a reputation for having a strong work ethic. Consequently, public and private sectors trust him, making fundraising successful (Algiere 106). The USA suffers from a significant budget deficit, due to government spending. If Romney is chosen for the Republican nomination, his strategic skills in business and financial management will help to regain what has been lost. During his 2008 campaign, Romney stressed that he can “balance the State’s out-of-control budget and attract new business to revive the economy” (Foer 133). All kinds of empty promises are made by politicians, but Romney’s past success justifies public confidence in the veracity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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