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Opinion and Voting Behavior in 2012 Elections - Research Paper Example

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The presidential election coincided with the Senate elections in which 33 senators were also elected. After the presidential votes were counted Obama emerged the winner, and Romney conceded without hesitating at 1.00am on November 7, 2012 (Election Statistics, (015). …
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Opinion and Voting Behavior in 2012 Elections
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Download file to see previous pages The campaigns were competitive with the two spending over $1 billion in which much of the advertising was on television and was considered as negative. Instead of the campaign favoring the candidates it had some negative impact as Obama received four million fewer votes that the ones he garnered in 2008. However, he utilized the social media, which had a very big impact on the voters turnout. Romney was successive in the nomination process, and his campaigns focused on the dissatisfaction with the economic performance and other national problems. One of the national problems Romney used to influence people not to vote for Obama is the increased US debt and promised to improve the healthcare system. However, he could not explain how he would deal with spending deductions. The campaigns mainly concentrated on attacking each other rather than providing solutions for the economy. For instance, Obama team attacked Romney for opposing the Obamas initiative that had included abortion and contraception benefits under the health care plan branded as Obama care. Romney defeated Barrack Obama at the polls, and many believed that he might be the winner of the elections. He defeated most of his contenders during g the nominations and hoped to secure the presidential seat as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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