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Coalitions in Europe - Essay Example

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A coalition government is usually depicted as an alternative to the single-party government. Taking the European countries as an example, it is possible to see whether coalition government is as effective as single-party one, and at the same time to determine, if the prosperity of the country significantly depends on the type of government…
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Coalitions in Europe
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"Coalitions in Europe"

Download file to see previous pages Discussing the history of coalitions, it is important to look through and analyze all the pros and cons of this approach. Analyzing the examples of two countries, the given paper will prove that coalition is not the best form of government for all the European states. Considering the importance of coalitions in Europe, it is essential to discuss the experience of England. Twice in its history England had to make difficult choice related to the formation of coalition government. The first time was after the World War II and the second in 2010, when David Cameron was the Prime Minister of the UK. Speaking about the after war period, it is essential to mention that human factor played a very important role, when the consequences of war such as great panic were considered. Introducing changes into the governmental system seemed the only correct and appropriate decision. According to David Cameron, the economic setback was the reason or motive force for this decision. No one can state for sure that this method or change could be beneficial for country in general. However, “the coalition could, and should, embark on new reforms, chipping away at the green belts that constrain development around big cities, for example. But its main task is to see through the revolution that it started in 2010. The programme is hugely ambitious, especially given the lack of money available. It is also broadly right—and some reforms that are not right, such as the elected police commissioners, cannot now be reversed. Even health reform can be rescued. Finishing the job would be good for Britain” (Britain’s coalition government. Divided they fall) Zakocs and Edwards state that in case when single party does not gain the majority during the elections, the variant with creating a different parties coalition and as a result provide the parliamentary support is the best one. Coalition is the most typical form of governments in Europe. This tendency is pretty understandable as all the political powers tend to fight for every seat in the parliament and by the means of coalition they obtain the possibility to get most of them. Ireland, Italy and Germany have the coalition government. The main dispute that arises is what is more favorable for country and what type is the most suitable. “Quite generally, a priori indices of voting power aim to illustrate the influence of actors deriving from weighted voting schemes. In their more traditional forms, they do not attempt – as this sometimes appears to be assumed – to provide a measure for the “effective power” of actors in a specific policy situation and policy domain. This latter aim can generally better be pursued by approaches related to the spatial theory of voting, assuming specific constellations in the distribution of preferences among actors and institutions” (Bilal & Hosli, 1999). Analyzing England as an example it is possible to make a conclusion that in difficult times the tendency to create coalitions appeared in order to overcome these difficulties. Certainly, there are explanations for such behavior or pattern. One of them is wish or necessity to work or better to say to interact with one another, like one team. According to Marie Hojnacki, “This [strategic engagement in coalitions] is especially true today because the growth in the number and diversity of organized interests in national politics has made it more difficult for any one group to dominate the decisions made within a particular policy area. To be effective, rational group leaders must choose strategies that enhance their chances for advocacy success.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Coalitions in Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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