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Albert Hourani and Ibn Khaldoun - Essay Example

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Starting by Ibn Khaldoun, he is a famous Moslem historian and sociologist who was born in 1332 and died in 1406. He produced various books and philosophical theories that are still studied and implemented till the present days. …
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Albert Hourani and Ibn Khaldoun
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"Albert Hourani and Ibn Khaldoun"

Download file to see previous pages Hourani, in his book, presents his political views while he traces the emergence of Islam, which was born into a pagan area influenced by Christianity and Judaism, where the great powers exercised no direct control that is a breeding ground in both the political and religious. A new political order, headed by a new elite, following the Arab tribes of Mecca, went up between the two empires. The precise role that Mohammed has played in these events is uncertain because the history of his time was reconstituted in writing nearly a century after his death. These biographies tell of events concerning his life, his revelation and his action may not have been fabricated. Muhammad began to communicate his message, announcing the end of the world, the arrival of Reckoning, asking to submit to the Will of Allah, the Arabic word for the God of monotheism. His relations with other tribes deteriorated so quickly that he left Mecca for Medina in the Hijra, the Hijra, which marks the beginning of the Muslim era. In Medina, Muhammad gathered an increased number of supporters and fought to Quraysh.
For Ibn Khaldoun, morality matters in the relationship between the individual and the state to the extent that any resolutions or acts taken by the ruler should be evaluated by the moral principles of the society. As one of the great political thinkers and anthropologists, he was greatly affected by the Islamic traditions that values morality above one’s own interests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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