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Religion Against Unjust Amirs - Essay Example

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Even in such grim conditions about 300 million people live in deserts, which forms one third of the Earth’s surface. There are hottest deserts where temperature is as much as 58…
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Religion Against Unjust Amirs
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Extract of sample "Religion Against Unjust Amirs"

Download file to see previous pages According to Muslim traditional beliefs, Prophet Mohammed was instrumental in converting most of the Bedouins to Islam. The Bedouin warriors form the nucleus of the Muslim armies that repeatedly invaded Middle East and North Africa during the 7th century and later on.
Both Bedouins and sedentary people are natural groups. Name any human group living in any geographical area; they need basic necessities of life and for this objective they continuously challenge the vicissitudes of nature. Bedouins are one of the grittiest tribes to make a living in the inhospitable conditions in the deserts, and yet they maintain the cultural traditions, social organizations that are the hallmarks of their tribes. Their lifestyles often change as per the changing conditions of the nature and they have perfected the art of adjusting to those conditions. Their priority is to meet the simple necessities of life first, but they are not averse to enjoy other conveniences and luxuries of life. Agriculture is the mainstay of the Bedouin tribes and all other ancillary activities are related to land and cultivation. Vegetables, grains (for private consumption as well as for trade barter), animal husbandry, bee-keeping and breeding silkworms for getting silk for the related products, are some other vocations which they pursue steadily. With the availability of vast tracts of lands, it is possible for the Bedouin tribes to conduct such activities. As such their movements remain restricted to the deserts and their contact with the outside world is hardly worth mentioning. Ibn Khaldun (2012) writes, “Their social organization and co-operation for the needs of life and civilization, such as food, shelter, and warmth, do not take them beyond the bare subsistence level, because of their inability (to provide) for anything beyond those (things)” (p.161). Simplicity is the self-imposed virtue with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Religion Against Unjust Amirs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Religion Against Unjust Amirs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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