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Explain Ibn Khaldun's criterion for accepting second hand information about the past. What is his argument Why is this important to understand history What is the standard he uses to evaluate historical information - Essay Example

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It mainly focuses on the explanation of the criteria for Ibn Khaldun accepting second-hand information about the past. The criteria are mainly elaborated by highlighting on the main arguments he presents. The second…
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Explain Ibn Khalduns criterion for accepting second hand information about the past. What is his argument Why is this important to understand history What is the standard he uses to evaluate historical information
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"Explain Ibn Khaldun's criterion for accepting second hand information about the past. What is his argument Why is this important to understand history What is the standard he uses to evaluate historical information"

Download file to see previous pages His way of thinking highly attracted great masses of Muslim thinkers as in same regards with the western thinkers. He basically pioneered in his sector of subjecting historical report to mainly two basic and fundamental criteria of with extensive consideration for the reason. Apart from the reason he also applied social and subsequent physical laws in determining the authenticity of the reports he was able to assess. Ibn Khaldun elaborated the following four main points as the major sections for consideration. He considers relation of events to one another by assessing the cause and effect factors. He also considered drawing analogy in between the present and past. Thirdly, Ibn Khalduns considered the influence and consideration of the effect of the ambiance or environment.
The last and fourth consideration was in consideration of the effect regarding the inherited or economic conditions. Ibn Khaldun designed and pioneered the essential approach to the study of history and thus created a revolution. He availed an analytical research and study of human civilization process from its beginning. He elaborated the factor that prompted the human development and eventual causes of decline of the development process. Ibn Khaldun is referred to as the founder of the science intosocial development or otherwise called sociology in the modern world. In his arguments, Ibn Khaldun says that, "I have written on history a book in which I discussed the causes and effects of the development of states and civilizations, and I followed in arranging the material of the book an unfamiliar method, and I followed in writing it a strange and innovative way" (Ibn-Ḫaldūn & Dawood, 88). The derivation of the two models of arguments is important as it devises the two particularly relevant sectors of study that is the analysis of the Historiology and Sociology. According to Ibn Khaldun, history is mainly a subject of the universal law, and he then devised ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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