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United States support for European Integration - Term Paper Example

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The ideas set forth by intergovernmentalism are more compelling to me because the US already functions under such a system. The US already functions based on the ideals of intergovernmental processes with the economies and policies of one state supported and reinforced by other states. …
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United States support for European Integration
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Download file to see previous pages While the European integration unfolded during the Cold War, the United States expressed and entered its support for a more united Europe. Much issue was attributed to such support, primarily because of the fact that a united Europe might eventually create a potential diplomatic and strategic rival to the United States. However, others are quick to point out that such support was extended because the United States has always been supportive of European success. Various theories have been suggested explaining the US support for European integration.
This paper shall discuss two of these theories, and it will establish how these theories would explain this series of choices, and how the two theories would tend to agree and disagree with one another on this question.
This essay would also evaluate how, based on these explanations, and what would be expected for the future of US-EU relations. It shall also consider which explanation and which theory’s predictions would I find more compelling, and why. Body The United States supported the European integration because it believed that a united Europe would be within the purview of the United States and its national security (Ekovich, 2009). They believed that an integrated Europe would further support the region’s democratic goals. ...
These two countries have had stormy relations with each other for a long while, further exacerbated during the Second World War. Americans saw European integration as a means of forging renewed relations between these two countries. The Americans also believed that the integration would provide a venue for more American businesses in Europe, thereby also helping to manage decision-making processes (Morgan, 2005). The integration has made negotiations easier, with one individual speaking for several countries in order to establish significant decisions. In effect, separate and multiple negotiations were negated in the long run. American also believed that a stronger European integration and economy was in the best interest of the US and Europe (Morgan, 2005). The integration simplifies business transactions, making Europe a more favorable recipient of American investments. Emotional affinity can be significant in managing views on political actors and objects, especially when other cognitive standards of reference do not sufficiently apply (Chong, 2000). Possible aversion toward the European integration is not based on cost/benefit evaluations or cognitive mobilization; however it is based on the fear of other cultures (McLaren, 2002, p. 553). The foundation of such approach or decision is even more persuasive due to the fact that the European Union is not just an international regime which is meant to decrease barriers to trade, or decrease the costs of transaction in intergovernmental bargaining. In fact, the EU is shaping up as its own policy-maker, and seems to pose a threat to the national integrity and sovereignty of the region (McLaren, 2002). America does not support such possibility, however it does favor the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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