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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk - Case Study Example

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The "Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment, and Risk" paper contain the analysis of the case history of the patient who has multiple fibroids in the intramural and subserous walls, and the author also has such complications anemia and Uterine Obstructions…
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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk
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Extract of sample "Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk"

Download file to see previous pages Her main complaints dated two years already since she started having heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) which is painful in character and surged much in quantity although it still lasted for an interval of 6-8 days with normal 28 cycles days. However, she stated that she has been making use of extra sanitary pads. She noticed no inter-menstrual bleeding, no post-coital bleeding and none during sexual intercourse or after the act. She felt constantly tired and was irritated as well as stressed by some ordeals at university. Moreover, she has a family background of fibroids.

There are some important factors that make her more susceptible to be attained with fibroids which are first of all her age, sex, weight, general constitution, and genetics. It was noted that she has a BMI of 30.2 while on average should be in the range

There are several treatment options that are available for her but firstly, it would be advisable that she can visit her endocrinologist and confirm that she is on the normal dosage or alter the one in case it is not sufficient as it is also a factor. Then she should be administered with Vitamin B12 to regulate her hemoglobin level along with iron tablets. She can also follow the growth of the myomas as it can also be that it is not the fibroids that are causing the HMB even though the sub mucosal tumors contribute the most in the menorrhagia.

Primary surgical procedures are normally conducted when all the conservative treatments fail to be efficient on the health of the patient and in this case, she can undergo two types of surgery either a myomectomy or a hysterectomy but laparoscopically in order to minimize the number of infections and other risks. But since the patient is para 4 and has a normal family life, she can undergo either a complete or a partial hysterectomy as she still has the choice of keeping the reproductive functions. A myomectomy is good in cases that the person has still not procreated her family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk Case Study.
(Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk Case Study)
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk Case Study.
“Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Its Treatment and Risk Case Study”.
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